Gallardo: “Maidana is the only player that I can’t close any doors to, he wants to finish us off and I’m going to make that happen”

Gallardo: "Maidana is the only player that I can't close any doors to, he wants to finish us off and I'm going to make that happen"

The River Plate coach, Marcelo gallardo, spoke at a press conference where he communicated about the situation of each of the names that sound to reinforce the team, but in particular He was moved by the return of Jonatan Maidana: “I hope that in the next few days some things can be solved and we will have him working with us.”

“Jonatan (Maidana) contacted us and he is a player that I appreciate a lot. He is the only player, of the few, to whom I cannot close any doors, he wants to finish with us and I will do everything to make that happen. “, commented the Doll and continued:” I cannot assure him the title. He is here to compete, he knows that he is going to come to compete and I know what he can give us. “

The defender won eleven titles with River among which the CONMEBOL Libertadores of 2015 and 2018 stand out.

The most outstanding phrases of the press conference of Marcelo Gallardo:

– “After 6 and a half years, seven in June, one needs some time to think

– “There is a feeling that we have to analyze all the areas in which we are involved and see if we are all going to the same side. It is very demanding, we set a very high bar”

– “We need that rod, that demand, continue and we are all in the same. If I see that this is broken, that is why I take the time to think everything. I do not come to communicate my continuity, I do not pressure anyone. We evaluate where we are and where are we going “

– “I can’t go out and deny everything that is said about me. I’m only here to try to communicate some things that have been said and clarify others”

– “The Palavecino is closed. In the next few days it will be arriving”

– “David Martínez we are seeing if we can have him with us again. He intends to return and from what they told me, there is an agreement between the clubs. The players we see with the possibility of repatriation, we are going to do so”

– “We would love to have Sebastián Driussi, I have had daily talks with him for a month. He is doing everything to be here, but the Russian team is the one that has to define the situation”

– “Nacho has a proposal from Brazil and it is being evaluated. He intends to leave and if the clubs agree, Nacho will be one of the players that will leave us in this transfer market”

– “In the last year and a half we have sustained ourselves well without incorporating players. The team needs to inject new players”

– “Ponzio and Pinola continue to be competitive. In June we will arrive and assess how they are doing, they are intelligent and they know if they are ready to compete. They are two professionals with all the letters, they have given us a lot and they will continue to give us in this period”

– “Alex Vigo interests us, we have made contact with the people of Colón. The player is very interested in coming to play with us and it would be mischievous if there is no communication channel when there is such a clear desire. We have to wait to see how the talks between both clubs unfold “

– “I want to give a lot of credit to the decision made by Gonzalo (Montiel). He has tremendous values, he could have taken a different position and did not. He will continue to have a market because players like him are very required”

– “The champion is not always the best”

– “I did not have the possibility of generating a relationship with” El Morro “, I cannot get out of the shock that it generated and the sadness that I have. I take this opportunity to offer my condolences to his loved ones and to him, may he rest in peace. pain”

– “We look forward to stepping on the Monumental lawn again”

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