Hot spicy! Tony Ferguson blew up Justin Gaethje: “You didn’t finish me”

Hot spicy!  Tony Ferguson blew up Justin Gaethje: "You didn't finish me"

Tony ferguson, an experienced martial artist, greatly warned Justin gaethje, who quickly responded. The former interim lightweight champion expressed himself in these hours, as he had also done before. In this new opportunity, he made it clear that when Cucuy said «you didn’t finish me‘He wasn’t really sane. For this reason, he advised him to analyze the conflict again.

In this way, it is necessary to highlight what Ferguson mentioned, who admitted the following: «I give them elite. Justin gaethje, Charles Oliveira, you didn’t finish a sh * t. I told them I would see you soon. Folks, it’s so much easier to see your goals when they are in front of you. Beyond. Discipline. New champion, new times. Champion”. Undoubtedly, these were the words that made Justin explode.

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Charles couldn’t finish you but I certainly did. Go back to see the fight, champion, “was what he communicated Gaethje, making it clear that the descendant of Mexicans is very wrong. On the other hand, another of those who is in the middle of this question, Charles Oliveira, shared on Twitter: «Next step: the 155-pound championship«. Now possibly follow the crossword.

What Gaethje Said

Without a doubt, Justin He was far superior to Ferguson when they crossed paths, leaving him all bloody and taking him straight to the hospital. Therefore, he dictated: “That is a big factor when you are fighting against Tony. I don’t think I’m finished, but I also don’t think I’m an elite lightweight. It never was. The skills only worked because of the way the people were fighting in front of him.

“I was impressed with Do Bronx, but Tony was not the same person. No one is going to be the same person after taking so many blows to the face. You fight with less confidence, that becomes dangerous. Now, his lack of confidence will be a crucial factor in his next fights. We will see what it can do, “he concluded. Justin gaethje, very angry with Ferguson.

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