How much Formula 1 stars earn: Hamilton and Alonso’s billionaire salaries revealed

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Motor racing is one of the most expensive sports. Many young drivers do not reach the motor world due to the high investments their families have to make in order to get into a racing car. However, once you get to professionalism, the salaries are usually the juiciest, even more than any other sport. This Tuesday, the British newspaper ‘The Sun’, leaked the salaries of 10 pilots of the Formula 1, among those who are Hamilton, Alonso Y Verstappen.

The ranking published by the British newspaper has the 10 best salaries on the Formula 1 grid. It should be noted that this list has the salary signed in the contract, since the pilots receive more money for advertising reasons and some bonuses for wins or points with the team. The arrival of Lewis Hamilton’s new contract was the final point in making the list.

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The Briton is placed in the first place of the top ten salaries in the paddock. This Monday he signed with Mercedes, a contract for 40 million euros (it is speculated that he receives 5 million more for bonuses). The new agreement lasts only one year, and so far it is not known if it will be renewed at the end of 2021, to continue harvesting records.

Second place gets it Max verstappen. The Dutchman earned his salary through effort and struggle, finishing third in the drivers’ championship and leaving Red bull in the second place of the Constructors. Verstappen receives a net salary of 18.20 million Euros, almost half of what Hamilton receives, making a big difference.

The top three closes it Charles Leclerc. The Monegasque also distances himself from the leaders and marked a salary of 10.19 million euros. However, that place in the table is equaled by Daniel Ricciardo, which came to Mclaren for the same money as Leclerc. Fernando Alonso it is well behind in the ‘classifier’, achieving a total of 6.55 million Euros.

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