“I fed him”: Deontay Wilder feels betrayed by Mark Breland

Yo le di de comer: Deontay Wilder se siente traicionado por Mark Breland

Deontay Wilder says he feels betrayed by his former assistant coach, Mark Breland, who in a war of accusations between the two, said that the career of Wilder it is over.

“This man was with me for a long time. I fed him, ”he said Wilder on Breland in interview for 78 Sports TV. “Even when many people said that it no longer served me. Many wanted me to fire him, but I kept him with me. And now hearing these things he’s saying, it’s crazy. (Breland) should have been gone a long time ago, but because of the affection I had for him, I continued to employ him ”.

Mark Breland threw in the towel in the seventh round of the February 22, 2020 rematch fight between Wilder Y Tyson fury to stop the fight against the American for the punishment he was receiving. That provoked the ire of Wilder, who said he had expressly asked his team not to stop a fight under any circumstances. Later, Wilder fired Breland and accused him of being part of a conspiracy to lose against Fury. He even accused him of having put sleeping pills in the water he drank on the corner that night.

Breland responded accusing Wilder to lie. Said the career of Deontay it is over. And that the only thing he has in his boxing is punch. That he does not like to train. These signs, according to Wilder, they make you feel betrayed.

“Even with all the medical problems Breland I was living, I kept it with me ”, he adds Wilder. “That he betrays me and says all this hurts me a bit for the simple fact of how close I kept him to my family. That makes me believe that he had something deeper against me. I can understand why. He knows the kind of person I am. That I always see for others. There is something very ingrained in him to feel that way against me.

Deontay Wilder He added that sometimes the enemy can be at home.

“Sometimes it’s not the enemy,” he said Wilder. “Sometimes it’s the sons of bitches who are always there. Let it do what it is doing. he is a coward ”.

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