Lucio Cinti and the Pumas 7’s: “Between us we are pushing ourselves to improve”

Lucio Cinti and the Pumas 7's: "Between us we are pushing ourselves to improve"

After the preseason in Pinamar, The Pumas 7’s continue their preparation in Argentina. With a schedule that is not yet confirmed due to the pandemic, the team of Santiago Gomez Cora will have in an international tournament to be played in Madrid his first test of 2021.

The team will travel on Sunday, February 14 and the contest will be played during the following two following weekends (20-21 and 27-28) against some of the main teams in the world.

Lucio Cinti is one of those who was training this time in Pumas House together with those who live in the City and Province of Buenos Aires. The player who participated in the Three Nations 2020 with Los Pumas and now he has rejoined the team.

“Physically I feel very good. The preseason was good to get the rhythm of the game and the readjustment with the team also in the best way. Luckily I had already played here so I feel very comfortable, the boys joined me in a great way and in the field I am consolidating, “said the player trained in Silver.

In addition, when thinking about what the tournament he shared with Los Pumas in Australia brought him, Cinti said: “Many things, but I think that what the tour gave me is experience and confidence.”

Regarding the modifications of both the day-to-day and training sessions when changing from XV to seven, the player said: “What I had to change in preparation is the food. I have a two-hour trip from La Plata to Buenos Aires like this I had to readjust it with the nutritionist. As for the game, more than anything to polish some individual skills that in 15 I was not working as much. The difference in training is like in the games. In 15 they are longer and not so tiring in the moment and Seven’s are shorter and tiring. “

“The competition is a lot, so it is very demanding. It’s good because it makes you improve every day and between us we are pushing ourselves to improve,” Lucio Cinti closed referring to the Pumas 7’s squad.

Source: UAR

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