Mark Breland explains when Wilder became impossible to train

Mark Breland explica cuándo Wilder se convirtió en alguien imposible de entrenar

In a long post published on his social networks, Mark Breland narrated at what point his relationship with Deontay Wilder Who he’s been with since the former heavyweight champion turned pro.

“My time in the coach position with Deontay Wilder changed drastically in the 12 years since I started with him, “he said. Breland in your posting. “When he turned professional, Jay deas He called me and said he needed a coach for a great prospect he had in his gym. This is how boxing works. If you come to my gym, I train you, I discover you and sometimes I manage you too ”.

Breland, With Jay deas started working as co-trainers of Deontay Wilder, but it was Deas who began to take more prominence. But with time, Deas was relegating it, according to the version of Breland.

Jay deas I was seen as the head coach in the press, but I was the only one on the team who had boxing experience and I was the only coach, ”he explains. Breland. “This was fine because I’m humble, and I didn’t need to be in front of the cameras. I’ve already lived that life. “

When Deontay Wilder began to gain notoriety, that way of relegating Breland was accentuated in the work team.

“When Deontay He made a name for himself in boxing, new team members joined the team to the point that I no longer had my fighter’s phone number, ”he says. Breland. “I have not spoken with Deontay alone for years. The things that he said to Deontay I had to tell them through Jay “.

The moment Deontay Wilder stopped training rigorously

Since his professional debut, Deontay Wilder He put together a streak of 32 straight knockouts in his first 32 fights. At that moment, Mark Breland claims that Wilder became impossible to train.

Deontay he became someone difficult to coach because he reached a stage where he believed he knew more about boxing than all of us, “he explains. Breland. “So teaching him to throw the jab correctly was not a priority for him to learn when he racked up his streak of consecutive knockouts. A coach can only teach if someone is willing to learn ”.

To be the student, Deontay Wilder became the pattern, according to Breland. He began to dictate the work dynamics.

“We waited for the champion for all before he hit the gym, and Jay he informed us of what mood he was coming from, ”he says Breland. “If he had a bad day, we had to be silent, so as not to be objects of his anger. According JayThat was an effort so that we were not fired ”.

Breland also points out that Wilder stopped being rigorous in the training routine

“And yes, hitting the bag, jumping rope and running was not something that was very high on the list of priorities for him, so if he didn’t feel like it, he didn’t do it,” he recalls. Breland. “Neither he nor Jay They seemed to understand the importance of that, so I made it clear that you didn’t have to ask twice to Deontay. If I tried to speak alone with Deontay to tell him what he saw, Jay He made it very clear not to say anything to him, so as not to make him angry ”.

Breland’s reasons for staying on Wilder’s team

Despite all that, Mark Breland also explains why you decided to stay on the team Wilder.

“I have seen Deontay speak in a very disrespectful way to people and although I am extremely humble and calm, I am a man, “he said. Breland. “I stayed on the team because I had been there from the beginning and believed in its power, and if I had a willingness to learn, I could be strong in boxing. I never imagined that such a madness could happen ”.

Allegations that Breland altered Wilder’s water

Among the most serious thing he said Deontay Wilder on Mark Breland, was the accusation that Breland had put sleeping pills in the water that Wilder He was drinking in his corner the night of the rematch with Tyson fury.

Breland defended himself by saying that he never touched the water bottles, and that he was always Jay deas who was giving the fighter water to drink.

“I shouldn’t have touched on the water issue because that accusation is so silly that it doesn’t deserve an answer,” he said. Breland. “Anyone who knows a little bit about boxing knows that we get tested before and after a fight, so that’s the end of that stupid accusation.”

Who supervised Fury’s gloves and bandages?

Too, Deontay Wilder said Tyson fury he cheated on gloves in both fights. In the first, he misplaced his gloves to be able to hit with his most exposed fists. And in the second, Wilder ensures that Fury A small weight was placed inside the glove.

Breland He also discussed that supervising the opponent’s gloves and bandages was the job of Jay deas, and not yours.

“And there is the issue of gloves,” he explained. Breland about. “Those are the times when I appreciate that Jay He will treat me like someone unimportant, because he does all the head coach’s duties. He is a witness in the bandaging of the hands (of the rival), he does the interviews with the press, everything that involves a camera. Except bandaging the fighter himself. I don’t know if heJay) knows how to do it. In all these years I don’t remember seeing him do it. “

Why did Breland throw in the towel to stop Wilder from fighting?

Mark Breland was the one who threw in the towel to stop the fight Deontay Wilder in revenge against Tyson fury. That was something that infuriated Wilder, because he assures that he had specifically asked his corner never to stop a fight.

Breland explained why he did it.

“In that fight, as in many others, we did not have cutman because Deontay I didn’t need it ”, he explains Breland. “So I’m not a doctor, but I know that if blood comes out of your nose and your gaze is lost there may be brain damage, and the power comes from your legs. And he no longer had legs. So I made the decision to stop the fight, and I would do it again. I have a son the age of Deontay“.

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