New Star? Brendan Loughnane makes noise in PFL and is a threat in MMA

New Star?  Brendan Loughnane makes noise in PFL and is a threat in MMA

Brendan loughnane (19-3 MMA, 2-0 PFL) wants to be a star and for that he asks big names on his way. At 31 years of age, the English-born wants to put his name on top. Of course it will not be easy, but he is not afraid of what may come in his nearest future. Lance Palmer is the one who comes closest to facing him, although this does not cause him any concern.

In that sense, Loughnane He acknowledged: “Let’s not forget that I was trying to get the Palmer fight last year or the year before for the world title. Homeboy went for steroids and they needed a featherweight to jump there. I was campaigning on the phone day and night trying to get the world title fight and was very close to going my way, but they ended up going with Gilpin because of contract situations. But the point is, now I’m out there to fight the best guys in the world. “

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“I think Lance and I are a good match. I think he’s a phenomenal fighter, but he hasn’t fought anyone who can move as much as I can, that’s just as hungry as me. So I think this year, each and every one of them, I don’t think Lance is the toughest fight right now after looking at that list, but we’ll see. To be honest, they all pose the same threat as the other, “he said.

Your wishes, through the roof

In that way Brendan dictated: “Lance Palmer is 10-0. He is undefeated in the PFL. He knows how to win a fight. But I really think my style fits his style well. I move a lot, I can fight, these guys don’t know how well I can fight. You call Phil Davis, Darrion Caldwell, any one of these Alliance wrestlers and say, ‘What is Brendan’s wrestling like?’ and they will tell you. I’ve been prepared for this for years.

“I lived with Iranians for six years and fought with them every day. And if you look back on my career in MMAWho really brought me down I know this is a completely different level of fighter, but one thing is that it gets you down – they have to keep you down and I’m like a worm on the ground. I am eager to fight all these fighters and show how well I can fight, “he concluded. Brendan loughnane.

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