Ranking: Wales displaced Los Pumas and England fell to third place

Ranking: Wales displaced Los Pumas and England fell to third place

The good victory for Wales by 21-16 over Ireland, was also reflected in this week’s ranking as the Red Dragons displaced Los Pumas from eighth place, although it was not the only major move in the top 10. Scotland’s historic victory over England caused La Rosa fell to third place behind New Zealand. The leader is still South Africa.

For their part, Ireland remains in fifth place despite losing, immediately behind France, who thrashed Italy in Rome in the opening match of the Six Nations.

England’s first defeat to Scotland at Twickenham since 1983 cost them second place in the World Rankings, and now the All Blacks are the closest team to South Africa. However, Cardo’s historic victory raised his points count to 82.82, but it was not enough to improve his position in the ladder. They are now just a quarter point behind Australia, in sixth place, and will overtake the Wallabies if they beat Wales at Murrayfield next weekend.

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Six Nations Standings

Meanwhile, while the controversy over possible promotions and relegation in the Six Nations was installed, Italy remains in 14th place in the classification, while Georgia that became champion of the 2020 Rugby Europe Championship after beating Russia, still ranking 12th and 21st respectively.

In the other meeting on Sunday, Spain secured second place behind Georgia, with a great performance from Bautista Güemes, for the second year in a row after beating local rivals Portugal, 25-11. The Lions remain 17th in the rankings, three above Portugal, which remains 20th.

World Rugby Ranking (previous position in parentheses)

1 (1) South Africa 94.20
2 (3) New Zealand 88.95
3 (2) England 87.49
4 (4) France 85.30
5 (5) Ireland 83.42
6 (6) Australia 83.08
7 (7) Scotland 82.82
8 (9) Wales 80.59
9 (8) Argentina 80.31
10 (10) Japan 79.29
11 (11) Fiji 76.87
12 (12) Georgia 72.18
13 (13) Tonga 71.44
14 (14) Italy 70.88
15 (15) Samoa 70.72
16 (16) US 68.10
17 (17) Spain 67.71
18 (18) Uruguay 67.02
19 (19) Romania 65.33
20 (20) Portugal 62.25

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