Very hard! Valentino Rossi pointed out against Marc Márquez: “What he did to me is unforgivable”

Valentino Rossi.

They are the two best drivers in the history of MotoGP. Each one on their own brings together many fans around the world. Valentino rossi It’s the charisma and craziness of motorcycling. Marc Márquez perfection and sobriety on the court. Together they add 17 World titles: 9 for Rossi and 8 for Márquez. However, their relationship is not the best: “What he did to me is unforgivable”the Italian recalled.

Season 2015, one of the tightest in recent years. Valentino Rossi was fighting for the championship in front of his teammate, Jorge Lorenzo. On October 25, on the third-to-last date of the championship, Rossi and Lorenzo were very close in the qualifier. However, Lorenzo was ahead. In the race, Márquez and Rossi were on the track.

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Valentino was far superior to the Spaniard, who would not let him pass, defending his position. the laps passed and Rossi’s patience began to wear thin. With 14 laps to go, the Italian was looking to overtake Márquez, who was not giving him a break. Finally Valentino overtook him. However, Rossi made the worst mistake of his sports career.

When exceeding it, the Yamaha began to brake and was parallel to the Sling. As he slowed him down, he kicked him that left him with no chance of fighting for the podium. This led to Valentino being suspended, starting from last place in the last race in Valencia. In this way, there were no chances for Rossi, who ultimately lost the championship to Lorenzo by just five points.

“It is unforgivable”

That is why number 46 remembered that moment before the middle of his country, ‘Corriere della Sera’. In his words, Márquez was deliberately not letting him pass, stopping him. What he did to me is unforgivable. When I think back to those days, I have the same feelings that I had back then. And six years have passed. It seems difficult to me that this is going to change ”, recalled Valentino.

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