Will it be given? A new team wants to enter Formula 1 in 2022: “We are ready”

Fórmula 1

For five years the Formula 1 It has ten teams on the grid, adding a total of twenty riders in the paddock. A few seasons ago, several teams wanted to join the championship. However, the difficult economic situation and the arrival of the pandemic delayed this possibility. In the last hours, a new team could join the category: “We are ready,” commented its founder.

A new structure appears, and it generates great expectations: Monaco Formula 1 Racing Team. This name, which would be added to Formula 1 from 2022, would arrive thanks to the pandemic. The coronavirus (COVID-19) made the category president, Stefano Domenicali, put on the table the option that those interested in entering, do not pay the fee of 166 million Euros.

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New team

This opened the eyes of the founder of the principality team, Salvatore gandolfo. He is a businessman and has been involved in the motor world for some years. As confirmed by the Spanish media ‘Soy Motor’, Gandolfo wanted to join the recently passed away Adrián Campos, in a project to reach Formula 1 in 2021. The economic crisis due to COVID-19 delayed the plans.

In order to reach the category, Gandolfo must have the ‘OK’ of him Monaco Automobile Club, which in addition to carrying the most important Grand Prize, is the one who authorizes these movements. It would be the first team to enter the category since 2015, when it did Manor Racing. This team stayed until 2017, and had pilots like Esteban Ocon in their ranks.

«The project was the first one that had an interest in reaching Formula 1 with the new rules. We believe that Stefano Domenicali’s statements, which suggest that the entry fee for new teams may not apply, represent a step forward. We appreciate Stefano’s attitude as well as the International Automobile Federation (FIA). We are willing to take the necessary steps so that the request is completed “, Gandolfo commented, assures ‘Soy Motor’.

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