With criticism, Valentino Rossi waits for the return of his great rival: “All the rules were broken”

Valentino Rossi.

Valentino rossi he knows that this season may be the last of his sports career. The Italian will turn 42 next week and there is not much fabric left to cut. After the first 6 or 7 races of the 2021 calendar, you will make the decision about your future in MotoGP. That’s why if you want to show that you are still at a high level, you want to do it with everyone on the track, including your great rival: Marc Márquez. “They broke all the rules”, he warned.

After remembering the kick he gave him at the 2015 Malaysian Grand Prix, Valentino spoke about the recovery process that Marc Márquez is carrying out. The Italian waits for the return and also pointed to those who let Márquez get back on the Sling, just four days after his shoulder operation. This cost the Spanish all season.

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Rossi misses Marquez. Although the Italian is tough and even distant from his rival, he knows that there will not be a fight as fierce as that of these idols. Respect is mutual, and Rossi knows it. However, in the interview he made clear a theme for which many Spanish fans will tear their clothes. According to the Italian, Márquez is not his great rival.

«I have to give a diplomatic answer (about his injury). I’m sorry I can’t run. If he recovers, something that no one knows will happen, he will be as strong as before. Although Márquez has not been the strongest rival I have ever had, ”Rossi told the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. On the other hand, ‘Vale’ targeted those who allowed their return a race after their accident.


“The mistake was to go back to racing too soon. I don’t understand how they allowed that to happen. At the time the doctor Costa (MotoGP doctor) was a pioneer in this regard. Then came the lightning recovery of (Jorge Lorenzo in 2013 and Dorna Sports put some limits. But with Márquez all the rules were skipped, nobody knows why, ”criticized the Italian.

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