A new age? Nurmagomedov surname could reign UFC for many more years

A new age?  Nurmagomedov surname could reign UFC for many more years

In these hours, an important character of UFC assured that the surname Nurmagomedov the company will reign. After what Khabib has achieved in all these years, the Dagestani’s family has more great talents, as in the case of Umar. The reigning lightweight champion’s cousin has shown a unique quality, which many believe will be number 1 in no time.

In this way, Javier Mendez, Khabib’s coach, left strong words about Umar Nurmagomedov: ‘I’ve been saying it, in five or six fights, I hope he’s fighting for a title, and I think we’re seeing a new champion, 100 percent. He still has some improvements to make, but he’s going to make them. And yes, you will see him on the leash in five or six fights from now on.

Who is it about? Khabib Nurmagomedov would return with only one opponent: “It’s that or retirement”

“It was really nice to see him finally get this opportunity after so much has happened. It was nice for him to do it on the same date as Khabib, January 20 is the same date Khabib entered the UFC, and the choke was the same as Khabib’s choke, so all those combined, it was an amazing experience. ” , the preparer also pointed out.

A family full of talents

For its part, Javier He was very confident of what may happen in these months: “He did not come as a prodigy from Khabib, he entered as Umar. He’s just himself, and he showed the great talent he has and the diversity in different techniques. But the father’s plan is still the best plan for Team Eagle, and he proved it too. It also showed that these guys can attack too. ‘

“That’s it; everyone admires Khabib. He is like an older brother and a role model. He is everything they want to be and He gives them opportunities, either physically or mentally. He is there for them and they are well cared for. He makes sure that everything is done well for them, so they cannot be more than successful with him due to all the knowledge and support he gives them ”, he concluded Javier Mendez.

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