Awesome! Bellator, in talks to make one of the best fights in history

Awesome!  Bellator, in talks to make one of the best fights in history

The current President of Bellator, Scott coker, makes noise in these hours for a particular reason. Taking into account the departure of great figures from the UFC, yours has benefited. Most of the characters who have broken ties with the competition, ended up signing with them. For this reason, the American businessman made it clear that he is looking for a historic crossing.

In this way, Coker He began by saying: “In fact, we were heading in a different direction. The different direction was the women’s tournament at 125. What changed was the free agent signings. We started signing some fighters. In fact, it started with Corey Anderson. Bader was here. Phil was already here. Nemkov was here. It started with Corey Anderson.

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“To me, I said, ‘This is the biggest light heavyweight division on the planet.’ For me, it is even older than six months ago. When we sign ‘Rumble‘and then we did a’ wait and see ‘. Then when we signed to I theWe said, ‘Okay, now this is the tournament. How could we not do this tournament? We were bombarded online, digitally and socially, “he also acknowledged.


Likewise, Scott He highlighted: “I said, ‘We are not just going to do the tournament, we are going to give the fans what they want to see, we are going to do this fight. The first fight will be ‘Rumble ‘vs. I the‘. Because I believe this. When the fight is there, you have to do it. If we wait and put these guys on opposite sides of the bracket, someone gets hurt. Someone cannot fight. It’s a matter of time”.

“Things happen in this sport. Things change rapidly. I said, ‘Hey, let’s put them first.’ Because when there is a fight, in this sport, you have to accept it. You have to do it. This is a fight that fans want to see. It is going to be huge and it will be a great way to launch our tournament in the first round, “he concluded. Scott coker, who is excited about the crossing.

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