Incredible: the data of Marc Márquez that shakes everyone at Honda

Marc Márquez

The absence of Marc Márquez in the 2020 season it was a headache for the team Sling. The team experienced a meager championship, as it went from having the best bike on the grid to occupying the positions at the back. If not for Alex Marquez, the team would have finished the season without even getting on the podium, as the Spaniard did it twice.

Many point out that Marc is the great bulwark of a motorcycle that nobody can handle. In 2019 the structure had one of the most impressive line-ups in recent years: Marc Márquez and Jorge Lorenzo. Together they added 13 World Championships. However, the lack of rhythm and a series of tough results ended up burying Lorenzo’s sports career.

With the objective in sight: the images of Marc Márquez, dressed again as a pilot

The only one still in force above the RCV213V is Marquez. No one has a logical explanation to answer why Márquez has so many results on this machine. Both Álex Márquez, and Takaaki nakagami, they had the motorcycle in their hands. The Japanese spoke a few hours ago and made it clear that the data that is collected when Marc drives is difficult to match.

Difference with Marquez

Nakagami commented to the ‘Motosprint’ media that despite its evolution, there is telemetry data from Márquez that cannot be explained. «I found a better way to control the bike. Obviously the best is still Marc. I have been able to discover a secret. While I think there is a lot of instinct in his riding, I think about the way he uses his body while driving.

«It is very difficult to execute. Especially to explain. Combine throttle control with the movement of your body on the bike. In Aragon, for example, I was faster in qualifying than Márquez in 2019. However, in some stages he was still faster. It is inexplicable », the Japanese was surprised in the interview.

Source: Box Repsol website

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