Mike Tyson, the terrifying conference with Lennox Lewis, and where José Sulaimán was knocked out

Mike Tyson, la terrorífica conferencia con Lennox Lewis, y donde José Sulaimán cayó noqueado

Lennox Lewis against Mike tyson In January 2002, Lennox Lewis Y Mike tysonstaged a chaotic press conference that would become one of the most gruesome and embarrassing moments in boxing history.

The fight would be on June 8, 2002. But on January 22, 2002, a press conference was held in New York, three months before the original date that had been raised. What would happen at that press conference altered all plans.

And it is that that day, the one of the conference, it seems that the devil got into Tyson. Totally involved in the character of the bestial villain that he liked so much to intimidate his rivals.

The task was no less: the unified champion of that moment, who had the belts of the CMB, the FIB, Y The Ring, Lennox Lewis.

Mike Tyson unleashes hell

Everyone expected that at that press conference, both fighters They will exchange insults and heat up the fight by doing a little show.

But everything took a 360 degree turn, started by Mike tyson. After Mike tyson was presented at the conference, it was the turn of Lennox Lewis. From your position, Tyson he waited for him like a beast stalking its prey, hyperactive, eager.

As soon as Lennox Lewis stood on its pedestal, Tyson He went to meet him like a bull looking for its prey. However, before he reached his goal, one of the English boxer’s bodyguards managed to intercept him. Tyson he responded with a left hook against the bodyguard.

And the disaster began. Lennox Lewis He got furious and threw a right hand at Tyson that did not hit its target either.

A human mountain was formed. Two heavyweights, a dozen bodyguards and security members who could also be heavyweights, managers, and others. Blows were flying, among the ball you could see someone’s feet flying overhead.

And all, in front of the cameras that recorded what was happening.

The verongonceous Mike Tyson show

When the fighters were finally able to be separated, spirits were still raging.

From the place of the journalists, someone was heard shouting saying that Mike tyson it must be contained by a straitjacket. Tyson he heard him, identified him, and began a regrettable series of grotesque insults.

They were heard all over the place and clearly, because Tyson This was thrown by the podium towards the journalists’ area.

Mike he touched his genitals, while hurling racist insults towards the person he identified as “white” and threatening to rape him.

One of the bodyguards noticed the seriousness of what was happening and tried to get in the way, covering with his raincoat to Tyson so that it was not seen how he was touching his genitals while insulting the supposed journalist.

The incident marked one of the lowest points in the career of Mike tyson.

This embarrassing incident put the fight in doubt. The Nevada State Athletic Commission decided not to re-license Mike, therefore the fight would no longer take place in Las Vegas.

The promoters were forced to find an alternative which was Memphis, Tennessee and similarly changed the date from April to June.

José Sulaimán, knocked out in the incident

After the scandal at the press conference, which went around the world, the consequences began to come out for Tyson Y Lewis. First, Lewis noted that Tyson had bitten his leg, in the middle of the brawl, so Mike he was forced to pay her $ 335,000 for the sweetie.

But, in addition, the then president of the World Boxing Council (WBC), Jose Sulaiman, filed a lawsuit for $ 52 million that time against Mike tyson Y Lennox Lewis, in the Supreme Court of Manhattan.

He claimed that when the blows were unleashed at the press conference, he was pushed. He fell, hit his head and face on a table and was knocked unconscious.

According to the leader’s lawyer in those years, Thomas deas, your client underwent severe surgeries to have his broken teeth repaired. On demand Sulaiman Also mentioned were the company promoting the fight, Main Evants, and Dan Klores Communications, the public relations company that then represented Tyson.

The fight

Finally, the fight took place on June 8, 2002 in a new venue, Memphis, Tennessee, after Nevada denied the license to Tyson, for the scandal of the press conference with Lewis.

At the arrival of the fighters to the ring, and their presentation, the ring was divided in half by a row of security elements who took care that things did not get out of control again.

As they were from different television stations, Michael Buffer Y Jimmy Lennon Jr They were both on the ring, and the tasks of announcing the fighters were shared.

The ring was divided in half by a row of security elements who took care that things did not get out of control again.

In the contracts for the fight it was foreseen that the fighter who committed a flagrant foul would pay the opponent $ 3 million.

Although Mike tyson he started the fight extremely aggressive and achieving. connect hooks left over Lewis, Lennox he assimilated them well.

From there, Lennox Lewis fully dominated Mike tyson. Lewis he cut Tyson in both eyes, and with violent swathes made him bleed from his nose as well. It was a one-sided fight: that of Lewis.

In the eighth round, Lennox Lewis He landed a violent right to Tyson’s chin which sagged. Lying on the canvas, he just covered his eyes with his glove and consumed the count. He made no attempt to get up.

The fight in the press conference was more even than it was in the ring.

That fight marked the end of the career of Mike tyson in fights of the highest level. He would only make three more fights in three years, until he opted for retirement.

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