Romain Grosjean takes his accident with humor on social networks

Romain Grosjean

Two months after his accident, Romain grosjean he continues to recover from the wounds on his hands. The process that he carried out in recent weeks seems to have borne fruit and these days he confirmed that from this season he will compete in the IndyCar U.S. However, the incident in Bahrain is still his daily talk, to the point that on social media he already takes it with humor.

The Frenchman almost lost his life at the Bahrain Grand Prix, and far from that, the images of the fire and his car split in two do not give him nightmares. On his Twitter account he shared a very funny photo, in which he put a filter for Instagram and his silhouette is surrounded by flames. “Thank you for creating my filter,” he laughed.

The difficulty that Romain Grosjean will have in the IndyCar

Your going to IndyCar

After two months of inactivity due to the accident in Bahrain, Grosjean will leave for the United States to participate in the IndyCar Series. While working on his recovery, the former Formula 1 driver confirmed that he will not participate in oval races, as they represent a very great risk and he does not want to see his children suffer from an accident again.

In his words, Grosjean expects to have a great performance in the new category, as he assures that there are several differences with Formula 1. “In IndyCar, everyone has the same car, the same opportunities and it is something that I missed a lot. If you have a difficult qualifying or a problem at the beginning of the race, as a driver you can make a difference, “he said.

On the other hand, he also commented that he will feel bad about not returning to Formula 1 next season. “I will miss the people I worked with. To my engineer at Haas, who has worked at Lotus since 2009 and accompanied me. There are many people I was with for many years and I will miss. When I left Bahrain I said ‘I hate him, but I love him at the same time.’ sentenced ‘’.

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