Shocking images! Charles Oliveira asks for help for a powerful fire in Brazil

Shocking images!  Charles Oliveira asks for help for a powerful fire in Brazil

In these hours, a gigantic fire was unleashed in Prainha, Brazil, so that Charles Oliveira showed the pictures. The extraordinary UFC fighter was very sad about what happened, considering that his origins are from there. Therefore, the aforementioned asked for help on social networks, although, as expected, he also received criticism for it. What you see is truly shocking.

According to what was released, around sixty houses were hit by flames at that site, in addition to another hundred that were totally destroyed. Of course this has caught everyone’s attention in Brazil, knowing that there are many families going through a hard time at this time. It was precisely for this reason that Oliveira left a forceful message on the networks.

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The fire department explained that the reason for what triggered the fire, which would have started in a house in the community, is not yet known. That was around 2.30pm, so it then became almost uncontrollable. In what could be seen, large flames are seen, many houses taken and despair on the part of the people who live there.

A viral message

«Family yesterday we went through a tragedy some houses in the community of Prainha they caught fire and we need donations. To help call here thank you ??»Was the message of Charles Oliveira in social networks, leaving images and videos of what was happening in that town. While this caught the attention of many, many others criticized him for his request.

Understanding the above, some fans expressed that Charles Oliveira donate large sums of money, since he is a “millionaire” for his salaries in the UFC. Given this, other followers made it clear that not everything is what it seems, taking into account that a large part of their salary travels to their preparer, coach, assistant, nutritionist and others. Anyway, his gesture was immense.

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