The best! Yoel Romero and the chance to face Anthony Johnson at Bellator

The best!  Yoel Romero and the chance to face Anthony Johnson at Bellator

Yoel romero, UFC expeller, will debut in Bellator and fans are excited about what may come. The Cuban left the company that Dana White commands a few weeks ago, after four failed attempts to keep the title. Now, he will have to do the same in the competition, although in front he would have another historical and legendary martial artist: Anthony Johnson.

Being that way, Rosemary He began by communicating the following in this regard: «The reaction of the fans will always be the same, it does not depend on the company the fighter is in or where the fighter is fighting, but more than what the athlete has done. Fans will follow you not because of the company or league you’re competing in, but because of what the athlete has done.

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«I think that the reaction of the fans is a reflection of the work that Anthony and I have had outside of Bellator and even outside of the UFC. I have competed humbly since 1997, I fought in Strikeforce, then the UFC, and now I’m in another great company which is Bellator. I think that’s the reaction of a fan base that has been following you for many years, “said the” Commander.

For its part, I the dictated: «It is obvious that the fan base is aware of the legacy that has Anthony Johnsonas well as myself. Quoting a name here is just speculation, because there are still things I can’t talk about at the moment, but it’s a great possibility. There’s a 90 percent chance that he (Johnson) will be my first opponent. It’s a fight that a lot of people would like if it happens.

Johnson’s word

In the same line, Anthony He acknowledged: “There are a lot of challenges out there, so I can’t mention a single challenge, all the guys are good. They’re hard. They chose I theThey have Bader, they have me, they have Corey Anderson. They have some other guys. I hope to compete against everyone. I am not calling just one person. I hope I can compete against all of them.

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