The protocol for the return of rugby competitions in Argentina was approved

The protocol for the return of rugby competitions in Argentina was approved

Through its Commission from Competences and from Board of Directors, the UAR ratified to its provincial unions the measures established since January for the return to the competencies. The protocol was approved so it would return to activity in all the provinces that carry it out.

The competition formats will be determined by each provincial union, respecting the protocols and preventive measures. Players must present a precompetitive evaluation or a medical certificate, which will be valid for 60 days, and in case of expiration they will be disabled in the UAR Database and cannot be included in the electronic match card until presenting it again.

In addition, the return to competition will have a protocol with a diagnosis of COVID-19 that will consist of nine points for the detection of positive cases, close contacts and the necessary medical discharge to return to activity.

The protocol established by the UAR indicates:

• At the time of registration, the player must indicate if they have been diagnosed with COVID-19 positive.

• The player who confirms this situation will activate the protocol in the system and will be disabled for any type of physical activity until the post-COVID-19 cardiological condition is present.

• The studies and / or analyzes that are required for this cardiological condition will be indicated by the treating physician.

• When submitting your EPC, it must include the date of epidemiological medical discharge and must attach a post-COVID-19 cardiological certificate. The Club will be in charge of enabling the player in BD.UAR when it complies with all the documentation.

• The player who reports that he has not had a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, will present his EPC or his medical condition on a regular basis.

• If, after completing their registration, the player is diagnosed with positive COVID-19, they must immediately inform their club so that this can be registered in BD.UAR and they will be disabled until they present their post-COVID-19 cardiological pass.

• In the case of players who have had close contact with a person who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 positive or have been suspected of COVID-19, it is suggested to present a post-COVID-19 cardiological pass.

• The obligation to declare a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 will be informed in BD.UAR to each player at the time of starting their transfer, and they must check their agreement to continue with it.

• The obligation of those responsible for each club to declare the reported positive COVID-19 diagnostic cases, after the registration of players, will be at the first start in BD.UAR with each user. They must check their agreement to continue with the use.

With the approved protocol, each provincial Union must carry them out for the return to amateur rugby activity. Each one will define and announce dates and formats of said competitions.

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