Was it a hint? Nate Diaz came back with everything and took aim at Poirier and McGregor

Was it a hint?  Nate Diaz came back with everything and took aim at Poirier and McGregor

The experienced fighter from UFC, Nate Diaz, was all the rage on social media in the last few hours. The American shot directly at Poirier Y Mcgregor, who had their revenge at the end of January of this 2021. Dustin was the one who won, so now everyone wants to face him and try to lower him from the top. For this reason, the youngest of the brothers was blunt with his sayings.

Starting with your words, Diaz looked at the “Diamond”: “I thought Dustin Poirier he was quite proprietary throughout the whole process, and I think Conor dropped the ball. I thought he was playing with… I don’t know, it was just an old joke. Mcgregor he was changing his own role, playing Mr. Nice Guy, but he owned Dustin, and Dustin was just doing what he was told throughout the process. “

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It’s a bit cheesy, a bit funny for me. I think Conor he had it good, but he just went back to his own ways, and got in there, and I think he did more Dustin did a good thing. I think it was less Dustin doing something great and more with Conor. That’s my personal opinion, “he added to his words, making it clear what is happening in the Lightweight.

Nothing was saved

For its part, Nate He also opined on the game of Conor in the last contests, for which he highlighted the following in this regard: «Mcgregor he makes the same mistakes he has always made. He fought Dustin and made all the good shots. He’s throwing combos on him, and he was pushing the beat too much like he had it in the bag, and he went in there throwing hard punches.

“I should have slowed it down. But it happens because he doesn’t want to be there too long, and he just wants to go kill and get out. It should have slowed him down a bit, but he quickened his pace and they caught him sleeping. And the leg thing was a factor, but you Mcgregor you were playing the whole time. That’s what I think of that fight, “he concluded. Nate Diaz, who can return to the Octagon in 2021.

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