With everything! Gilbert Burns says he will kill Kamaru Usman at UFC 258

With everything!  Gilbert Burns says he will kill Kamaru Usman at UFC 258

The extraordinary Welterweight Champion, Kamaru usman, could fall with Gilbert Burns. Both will be measured in the UFC 258, with the title at stake. Of course, the Nigerian is the best of the present, but the Brazilian has his thing to liquidate him inside the most important cage in the world. Thus, he spoke with the press in the last hours and began to analyze what will be the next defense for the title he has.

Starting with his sayings, Burns He stressed: «I know a lot about him, he knows a lot about me. I am training with many teammates who know a lot about him. They have helped me alot. It’s a little weird because I still like it a lot Kamaru. I have a lot of respect, but the way I see it, it will be tough competition. It’s going to be a tough day at the desk and I don’t know if it’s good or bad to meet the guy as I know him.

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“I know a lot about him and do a lot of strategy about it, but he knows it too, so it’s hard to say whether it benefits or not. I think he benefits, because I know how much I need to be ready, and I’m working to be as ready as I need to be, but so is he. I don’t know if it helps that much. We are about to find out. This will be my first time fighting a guy that I trained a lot. We are about to find out on February 13, “he stressed.

Goes for everything

Thus, Gilbert He added: “If people like the way I looked against Woodley, they have no idea how I’m going to show up now. I’m so much faster, stronger, faster, the cardio is there, the jiu-jitsu has improved a lot, fighting, hitting, I can’t wait. I think I am dangerous everywhere and I can finish the fight everywhere. Down, up, standing, with my hands, with my knees, with my kicks and even if you have to make a decision, we will make a decision.

That’s the difference between Kamaru and me. Kamaru seek domination first. He wants to dominate you, put you in a bad situation, make you feel tired, exhaust you, and then beat you up. I am different in that from Kamaru. I want to finish you, I want to beat you up, knock you out, submit you. If I can’t, if I think you’re going to stay there, I think domination. But first, I’m thinking of finishing. That is what I am looking for and I hope to be dangerous everywhere in that fight, “he closed. Gilbert Burns.

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