“Without the fight with Bradley, nobody would have known me,” says Ruslan Provodnikov

Sin la pelea con Bradley, nadie me habría conocido, asegura Ruslan Provodnikov

Ruslan Provodnikov who contemplates a return to boxing, recognizes that the fight he had in 2013 against Tim bradley it changed his life.

“I am very grateful to Tim (Bradley) for being the warrior he was that night, “said the Rocky Russian in an interview with Bad Left Hook. “That is probably the only reason you are interviewing me, for that fight. Without that fight, the story of Ruslan Provodnikov it would never have been known ”.

In that epic fight, which took place on March 16, 2013, Provodnikov he was trying to crown himself for the first time. He disputed the world welterweight championship of the OMB to Bradley.

“Hats off to Bradley“He recognized Provodnikov. “It is impossible to explain how much I respect him. In this fight, he showed superhuman character. I don’t know how he did it. I always entered the ring ready to die and ready to kill. That night, there was not a human in front of me, there was an animal. Every hit I hit was with bad intentions and he stayed on his feet. “

Bradley’s attitude, according to Provodnikov

Ruslan Provodnikov He pointed out how firm and surprising the attitude of Tim bradley, in addition to his physical and boxing condition.

It was a fight of constant exchanges between Provodnikov Y Bradley, in which the two were close to the knockout, and in which the two left some of their best moment on the ring.

“The character he showed, the way he came back and was able to box, it was incredible,” said the Beryozovo native. “Could I ever have shown the character that he had? I do not know. I think he deserves everything he won, because he is a true champion. We are not friends or anything, but I will always respect him for that fight. He is one of the best champions in history ”.

Provodnikov fell before Bradley by unanimous decision, on March 16, 2013. As of today, it maintains that it finds no excuses for said result.

“I have no excuses. These experiences made me who I am today. Defeats are always a difficult pill to swallow, but I would not change anything and I am grateful for what this fight has given me, “he said. Rocky Russian.

At 37 years old and with a record composed of 25 wins, 18 by knockout, and 5 losses, Provodnikov does not rule out interrupting your withdrawal. His last professional duel was on June 11, 2016, when he lost by unanimous decision to John Molina Jr.

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