Bayern Munich equaled the feat of Barcelona in 2009 and achieved the sextet

Bayern Munich equaled the feat of Barcelona in 2009 and achieved the sextet

Berlin (EFE) – Bayern Munich, with his 1-0 win at the end of Club World Cup before him Tigers, has conquered the sextet, thus equaling the feat achieved by Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona in 2009 and reaching a climax in what has been perhaps the most successful era in the club’s history that began in 2013.

The final was not brilliant and although Bayern won thanks to a goal from Benjamin Pavard, Tigres managed to entangle the game and with a bit of luck he could have complicated things for the German team, but that matters little in the long run. It is the crowning achievement of that process that began in 2013.

Since then, when Bayern won the hat-trick with Jupp Heynckes on the bench, their dominance over the Bundesliga has grown.

The conquest of the German Cup, the Bundesliga and the Champions League in 2013 had been preceded by two years without titles. Bayern have never before managed to win the Bundesliga more than three times in a row. Now he has accumulated eight salad bowls in a row, albeit with relatively frequent coaching changes.

Guardiola, who relieved Heynckes, won the Bundesliga in 2014, 2015 and 2016, and since none of his successors have endured two seasons in a row. The leadership has been merciless when it sees success in jeopardy.

Carlo Ancelotti was sacked after a 3-0 defeat to PSG in the group stage of the Champions League in 2017 after winning the Bundesliga the previous season and was relieved by Heynckes. This, after winning the Bundesliga, returned to his retirement and his position was filled by Niko Kovac.

The 2019/2020 season, which ended with the treble that later became a sextet with victories in the German Super Cup, the European Super Cup and the Club World Cup, did not have a very promising start.

When Kovac was fired in November 2019After losing 5-1 to Eintracht Frankfurt, there was nothing to suggest a successful season for Bayern. He had won all of his Champions League matches up to that point, but the team’s overall performance – despite a spectacular 2-7 win over Tottenham – made it unlikely that he would win that competition.

Hansi Flick, until then second to Kovac, took over the team first as an interim. His lack of experience as head coach was soon forgotten, when the team began to function despite the fact that there was a moment when it was said that there was a fundamental problem, which was that rivals had lost respect for Bayern.

Flick, when the team had become intractable in all competitions, used to stop the euphoria by recalling those criticisms to show how quickly things can change in football.

Some of the things that made Flick successful had already been tested by Kovac, like putting David Alaba at center back and Alphonso Davies at left back. To which Flick added the recovery of Thomas Müller, who under the direction of Kovac had been relegated to the substitution, and, above all, a psychological element difficult to explain.

The fact is, the team once again believed in itself to surprising lengths. Before the Champions League quarter-final match against Barcelona it was said that perhaps some players were taking confidence to a dangerous extreme. The result of the match, 2-8 in Lisbon in favor of Bayern, showed that confidence had been far from excessive.

In the semifinal against Olimpique Lyon and in the final against PSG, Bayern did not shine at that level, but they finished the task. He had already won the Bundesliga and the German Cup before.

This season Bayern is dominating the Bundesliga again – with seven points ahead of the second – and liquidated the group stage of the Champions League as a formality.

The mole has been the elimination of the German Cup, in the penalty shootout against Holstein Kiel in the second Bundesliga, and it is clear that the team does not have, at least still, the level of the previous season.

The absence of the preseason caused problems at the beginning and the excess of games seems to be taking its toll.

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