Gonzalo García, brother of ‘Morro’: “I hope they always remember him with a smile”

Gonzalo García, brother of 'Morro': "I hope they always remember him with a smile"

Gonzalo garcia, brother of ‘Nose’, spoke this Wednesday night and thanked all the support received after Santiago’s death. Speaking with the program Tricolor Passion (Radio 1010 AM)Gonzalo also reviewed some football stories and his brother’s love for Nacional.

“I thank all the people, on behalf of my family and friends. I hope they always remember him with that smile, and that they don’t forget “said Gonzalo, who commented that he wanted to express his gratitude to all the people who came to the National headquarters on Tuesday to accompany the funeral procession of the late soccer player.

He also highlighted the support provided by the ’90 generation of the tricolor club formations: “I publicly thank ‘Mama’ Arismendi, who was his soul brother. I gave him the captain’s armband so that he could play with it, because no one else deserved it, he was his soul brother like ‘Seba’ Coates, ‘Mauri’ Pereyra, Calzada, Mahías Abero, Nicola Pérez, All that generation of ’90 is very united, they are all good, humble people, they loved each other as brothers. They were there at all times ”.

Gonzalo also reviewed the love of ‘Morro’ for Nacional and assured that he wanted to return to be the scorer of the Bag: “Now I was crazy to come back. He wanted to be the scorer, he wanted to go to Bergessio, he wanted to play in the Park, be with the family, with the daughter. The last memory I have, that I spoke with him, was the day of the classic (Wednesday, February 3), which we talked about before the game. He sent me a photo, he was with Nacional shorts watching the game. At some point I’m going to upload it because that’s what he was. He was crazy to come back, to put the shirt back on and he couldn’t. “

And he referred to the support of the tricolor fans: “He always benched him to death. He had good and bad moments but the fans always benched him. Hopefully they will always remember him, because he loved Nacional and wanted to return. That streak that he had where the ball did not want to enter and the people encouraged him the most comes to mind, those things are never forgotten “.

In particular, Gonzalo recalled his brother’s debut at the end of the 2008 Liguilla where ‘Morro’ scored the winning goal against Defensor Sporting: “That day was very exciting; there he stopped being Santiago and became the ‘Morro’, people adopted him as a son, as a brother, they were very fond of him ”.

“He came from the Fifth Division where he had made a bell coming out of the goalscorer. They raised him to the First Division and he was not given the opportunity, because he had ‘Chengue’ Morales and ‘Viruta’ Vera ahead. The day before the game with Defensor we were at home, playing Play as if it were a normal day because I had practically no expectations of entering, I was 17 years old. But Vera just got injured, came in and scored that goal that changed her life. He was touched by the wand, he made that goal, he was able to establish himself in the First Division and did not stop. It was very emotional. That goal meant a lot to me, “he added.

The brother of ‘Morro’ also revealed why for a long time his brother celebrated goals imitating a violinist: “We played a lot of Play for bullshit, to see who cleaned the dishes or who cooked. I used to play with Milan and there was a player who was celebrating by pretending to play a violin (Alberto Gilardino), and since I scored a lot of goals with that player, I told him: ‘the day you score a goal, you have to celebrate like this’. The last game in Quinta, he scored goals and celebrated them like that, and later in Primera when he also debuted. He was celebrating like this for a long time because I beat Play ”.

Finally, Gonzalo recalled that with several friends they went by bicycle to watch ‘Morro’ play in the Nacional youth teams or they went in the ‘Fitito’ (Fiat 600) of Mauricio Pereyra’s father, all crammed into the car: “Whenever we we gather, we remember those anecdotes and we all laugh together. I am left with tremendous memories of all that generation ”.

“In Primera there are also many memories and anecdotes that are beautiful. With ‘Ojota’ Morales, with Chengue Morales, with all the great people and Santiago being a kid. Also grateful to Alejandro Lembo, with the ‘Cacique’ Medina. My brother was very happy at the club, I’ll stay with that ”, Gonzalo concluded.

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