“I would change my world titles to play in the Argentine First Division,” says Maravilla Martínez.

Cambiaría todos mis campeonatos mundiales por jugar en la Primera División argentina, asegura Maravilla Martínez

Sergio “Wonder” Martinez He told how much he would have liked to be a professional footballer, and confessed that he would trade all his world championship titles in boxing for playing in the First Division of Argentina.

Wonderful he carries the sport in his veins, even before he knew boxing. His athlete genetics gave him the privilege of practicing several disciplines, and standing out in most.

“I always dreamed of playing a soccer game in the First Division, on any team and on any Argentine soccer field,” he said. Wonder Martinez in an interview with Super Sporty. “What’s more, I change all my belts, the world titles, to fulfill that dream”

Martinez He also said that he would very much like to chat with Marcelo gallardo, coach of his beloved River Plate.

“Have a coffee with Gallant it would be to be in glory, “said the quilmeño. “Do you know what a conversation with him would be like? I would ask him where he finds the inspiration to stay and transmit what he transmits. He could be a dictator. He is a leader, but not a dictator. He is a leader because he transmits and infects. What I really want to ask you is: How does he encourage himself?

Maravilla Martínez on Diego Armando Maradona

Sergio Martinez always felt a deep admiration for Diego Maradona, who called him after his triumph over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

“I was frozen and perplexed. I just had to do the rest in the ring. Diego He is the most influential person in the history of our country, ”he said. Wonderful.

Maradona passed away on November 25, 2020, and the successful boxer dedicated a meaningful posting to his account Instagram.

Sergio Martínez, a wonderful forward

In his adolescence and youth, Wonder Martinez began to forge himself for the elite, even without knowing what his future would be.

Martinez He played in several Argentine clubs, but never got beyond amateurism and the lower divisions.

Wonder with two teammates, in the pre-match

In addition, the Quilmeño is a confessed fan of River plate, club from which you have your membership card. After beating Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, received his due tribute at the Antonio Vespucio Liberti stadium, where River is the local.

Maravilla and his card, on the River Plate court

The former world champion in two categories was also well received by members of Atlético Madrid’s first team.

"I would change my world titles to play in the Argentine First Division," says Maravilla Martínez. 10
Wonder with his belts, along with Cristian Rodríguez, at the Atlético Madrid stadium

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