“In boxing we should focus less on the belts,” says Eddie Hearn

Eddie Hearn

Eddie Hearn, president of the promoter Matchroom, thinks that boxing should stop paying so much attention to championship belts and agencies.

“It’s not that we are going to create our own belt (the promoters),” he said. Hearn in an interview with the podcast The Opening Bell of the magazine Boxing News, “But we are going to depend less on belts and organisms.”

Hearn explains in detail why you think that way, based on recent decisions by agencies.

“There has to be less focus on the championships in the future,” explains the promoter. “We have paid a lot of attention to the belts. Look at Haney, we never wanted to be given that title, he wanted to fight with (Vasyl) Lomachenko. It was almost like they devalued it (a Haney) by giving it that title. He wanted to win it over to a champion. We have to pay less attention to the belts, but I don’t feel like we’re ready to ditch those belts. “

When Lomachenko was the lightweight world champion CMB, the body decided to make the Ukrainian franchise champion. And in a decision made at the desk, the CMB gave him the regular world championship, the one he had before Lomachenko, to Devin Haney.

Which Haney I wanted was the fight with Lomachenko and not the belt. For that reason, it is that Eddie hearn think that the belts are not the important thing, but to make the fights that really matter.

The case of a boxing site

A few weeks ago, when the AMB announced that he took away the welterweight championship from Manny pacquiao, the place World Boxing News (WBN) ignored the Association as a legitimate body, because they promised to eliminate the unpopular regular belts and it did not happen, among other things.

He also warned WBN that in the future could also ignore the OMB, as he “has added more belts to his roster over the years.”

And from CMB stated that “the status of ‘franchise’ has also brought more questions than answers.”

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