Is it coming? Nate Díaz responded to rumors of his possible fight with Jake Paul

Is it coming?  Nate Díaz responded to rumors of his possible fight with Jake Paul

Nate Diaz, legendary UFC fighter, spoke about the rumors that link him to the boxing ring. The American looked directly at what is coming, but also focused on the controversial Jake paul. The 23-year-old boxer and youtuber continues to give something to talk about, so the youngest of the Díaz brothers warned what will happen between them. Now, fans are excited about what can come in some time.

In this way, when they asked Nate about its possible crossing with Jake paulHe communicated the following: “No, not at this time. But later, for sure. Someone has to tell that guy to shut up. You are not trying to get a response from anyone. He is challenging but he does not mean it, for him it is like a game. This happened a few hours ago, but he has long named it in his interviews.

Who? The UFC fighter who turned down Nate Diaz’s proposal to return to the Octagon

His previous sayings

Before, Diaz he had already said something similar. «Jake paulYou need to get a free beating, spoiled You really can’t fight nonsense. You’re going to end up with your butt really screaming somewhere talking like that, “was what the American mixed martial artist began by expressing. Given this, as expected, the youtuber’s response came. Very quickly, Logan’s brother wrote, “You saw what happened to the other Nate.”

Without hesitation, that response from Jake made Nate He will speak to his older brother, Logan, who is also a very successful face on social media. However, the MMA guy commented, “Look at this little bitch before someone else does.” The aforementioned warned the older of the two that someone will destroy his brother if he continues like this, since he does not stop looking for the wolf in the forest.

What’s next for Nate Diaz

Understanding the above, Diaz He said: “Now is the time to fight. We should have fought long ago, and now the stars have aligned. I’m waiting for a fight where people are ready for the big fight, and now is the time. I’m not going to play a nice guy like Conor McGregor did to him. Conor simply accompanied him to take it.

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