Juan Antonio Pizzi, in conference: “My idea of ​​a team is to be protagonists”

Juan Antonio Pizzi, in conference: "My idea of ​​a team is to be protagonists"

Racing’s technical director spoke at a conference in the run-up to the debut against Banfield in the La Liga Cup.

The Academy coach spoke with the press and these were his main statements:

“I would have liked a little more time to play football, but working for this great club is more than enough motivation to be well.”

“I’ve known Nery Domínguez from a very young age in Rosario Central. Last year he had a great championship but we believe he has the ability to play as a central midfielder, he showed it to me in practice.”

“We worked with everyone and we saw the qualities that each one offers us, from there we put together in the team.”

“My idea of ​​a team is to be a protagonist. We will try to maintain the game, to look for depth and when we do not have it, we will try to recover it as quickly and as high as possible.”

“Schelotto I saw him very predisposed, he comes from a time of inactivity that he will resume in the short term. Lovera is similar, he came to feel like a player again and showed to be in shape.”

“The leaders choose by nature, although I have options of who grabs the tape, it is the players who choose their referent”.

“Working in an institution like this is always motivating.”

“We lacked football, we only played two friendly matches, I would have liked to have more. I think we are all in the same situation, it was a very difficult year for all citizens and workers.”

“It is common for offers to arrive at market closings, the concern is when they come from the pillars of the team such as Sigali. We fight so that it does not happen but if it does happen, we adapt.”

“Banfield has a potential that we consider to be of a very good level.”

“I think the imperative need for the forwards to be the ones to score goals has changed, most of us look for the projection of the wings, the midfielders.”

“I don’t usually give the team. I’m not going to change that decision.”

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