Tense weather? Jon Anik responded to controversies linking him to Joe Rogan in the UFC

Tense weather?  Jon Anik responded to controversies linking him to Joe Rogan in the UFC

Jon anik, commentator of UFC With Joe Rogan, were on the lips of many fans these days. There were several followers who have criticized the sayings of both in recent months, but among them they support and support each other for the work they do every weekend. After what was UFC 256, negative words appeared from all sides.

Thus, Anik He began by saying, “Sometimes it is difficult for me to evaluate the entirety of a transmission immediately after the fact. I feel like I would have to gently comb my hair to address the specific criticisms. I can tell you that, in my case, I try to take constructive criticism and use it in the next show. Despite all the noise, there are some constructive things you can bring to the next show.

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I’ve seen some of that. Once again, the social media space after these live events can be a difficult space to interact and inhabit. But I think for Joe there are many different factors. I don’t think he’s ever been happier in that broadcast booth. He was always in a two man booth where he was only working with one guy on a play-by-play basis and he couldn’t bounce off a fighter. I feel like it has been an adjustment for all of us, “he said.

Mutual support

At the same time, Jon he also dictated: “My job is something totally different in a three person cabin versus a two person cabin in terms of the real estate that I have, so it is asked of me. I can assure you, in general, that we look at everything people say. We are not trying to make it worse. We are trying to improve. If you ask me, I think it still adds tremendous value. I still think that there is a special and undeniable quality in our transmission when he is part of it.

‘I can assure you that it will not go anywhere. Again, I hate putting words in his mouth, but he loves this job and I think we had a little international touch with pay-per-view at the end of the year, UFC 251, 253, 254, that he wasn’t part of because they were happening in Abu Dhabi. It’s not that easy to step up every eight weeks trying to do one of these things and constantly have a revolving door with the broadcast team, but I love the kid. ” Jon anik.

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