Who? The UFC fighter who turned down Nate Diaz’s proposal to return to the Octagon

Who?  The UFC fighter who turned down Nate Diaz's proposal to return to the Octagon

The legendary fighter of UFC, Nate Diaz, is excited about his return to octagon in a very short time. The American looked directly at Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor, who had their rematch at the end of January of this 2021. But, an unexpected name was also getting as a possible candidate: Charles Oliveira. In any case, the Brazilian spoke during these hours and made it clear that he is not interested.

After what was the message that the youngest of the brothers spread, Oliveira He acknowledged the following about it: “To be honest, it’s a fight that theoretically doesn’t make sense to us. Nate is not active, much less classified. It’s a fight that would only happen for financial reasons. But even so, I don’t think it’s beneficial for us at the moment. “

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“We know that McGregor sells a lot. Nate it is not at that level. Our goal is the belt. Even if it is worth it financially, today I don’t see that this fight makes sense for Charles. The goal is just one, the lightweight title, “concluded Charles Oliveira. Of course, the Brazilian is not afraid of any last names, but his plans are directly in the fight for the Lightweight title.

Diaz’s message

In that sense, Nate had said a few hours ago: ‘I think Oliveira it’s the best fight right now and Dustin Poirier. No, I won’t fight 155. I will probably fight 170, 165, anything up to 185. No 155. That’s a dead division. I have nothing that I am looking for in that division, nothing to point to. I feel like I already have it, so I’ll probably fight at 170 pounds. “

«I think a fight with me would be more real, a more serious situation for him. I don’t think I could sleep with that. That’s the guy there. I’ll fight that guy. That’s who I’ll fight. I like the winners because I am the winner. I am not lost to anyone. I’m trying to fight against the guys who are winning, “also recognized the great MMA fighter, Nate Diaz.

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