Brian Castaño and the bumpy walk of Maidana and Maravilla’s successor

Brian Castaño y el accidentado andar del sucesor de Maidana y Maravilla

Brian Castaño It is one of the great appearances of Argentine boxing in the last decades. However, it is not bad to say that it did not meet some expectations, at least so far. And that, mainly, is due to the fact that his progression was slower and more rugged than desirable.

Brown he put on the gloves for the first time, days after his 11th birthday. Since then, many coaches have recognized privileged skills in their movements.

Fast, strong, smart and well buckled in defense, The Boxi he was born with the complete combo, and improved it through hard work. And it brought him success, to the point where he had a record of 181 wins, five losses and five draws as an amateur.

In this plane, he defeated opponents such as Errol spence jr, or Sergiy Derevyanchenko, with technique and tactics typical of the first line of this sport.

All these details in perfect proportion, with a subtle and minimal media touch, inclined several Argentine media to position the Buenos Aires man in a place on the way to stardom.

To this day, that path has stretched quite a bit, despite the great shows and the lofty professional record of Brian Carlos Castaño, consisting of 16 wins, 12 by knockout, and a single draw against Erislandy Lara, on March 2, 2019.

Brian Castaño’s rivals as a professional

Many times, when a boxer stretches his undefeated and achieves a good number in his statistics, his opponents are within the group that receives the vulgar qualifier of “packages”.

It is not the case of building Brian Castaño, who has under his belt only one objective with a negative record: Alejandro Antonio Dominguez, who had an impoverished 1-2 among his numbers and was the first step in the rise of Brown.

Although he did not defeat big stars, he was always measured with worthy boxers and in acceptable conditions for the duels raised.

The first coronation

In November 2016, Brian Castaño was crowned interim world champion at super welterweight by the AMB by knocking out Emmanuel de Jesus. Then, he managed to defend that belt by beating the French by split decision Michel Soro.

Subsequently, Demetrius Andrade vacated the regular version of the super welterweight world championship to move up to 160 pounds, and Brian Castaño he was elevated to regular champion by the WBA.

And of the AMB received the order to expose his title against the always complicated Cuban, Erislandy Lara.

The Barclays Center hosted the battle between these two titans, who did not hesitate to punish each other harshly. The gunshots were not long in coming from close range. The challenge to go suit for stick was accepted by both parties.

Finally, and by split decision, the official result was a draw, so Brown retained his scepter AMB, But not for long.

To the Boxi he had to expose his belt in a rematch against the French Michael Soro in a mandatory fight. The French promoter Univent, who was driving Soro, won the auction to host the fight, and wanted to take the fight to France. The Argentine accepted, but asked Univent, a sum of money guaranteed before the fight, and the hiring of an anti-doping control.

The French promoter did not comply, so the Isidro Casanova-born rejected the offer and announced that he was leaving his championship vacant.

Thus, at the table and without epic, the most promising Argentine fighter since the retirement of Maidana Y Wonderful, lost his first world title. An anticlimactic story that always moves to the strange cadence of Brown.

The sportsmanship of Brian Castaño

When many promises fail to show the expected performance, this result is associated with a lack of discipline to train and concentrate. But, as is known, Brian Castaño he takes care of himself at meals, he is rigorous with his workouts and always gives his best to enhance his strengths. It doesn’t go that way.

Under the orders of Carlos Alberto Castaño, his father and coach, both Brian like his brother Alan they understood the importance of practicing responsibly. Against all odds, sporting coherence rewarded and rewards in the family Brown, with the sweat of their foreheads.

Brian Carlos Castaño nor did he suffer considerable injuries, which forced him to stay out of boxing, except for one that he suffered in his skillful hand, while colliding with Wale Omotoso.

After winning that duel, still with the ailment on his back, the 31-year-old athlete reached the place of mandatory challenger of the World Boxing Organization.

The coronavirus pandemic, another stick in the wheel for Brian Castaño and an excuse for the Golden Boy

Already in the place of unavoidable aspirant, Brian Castaño set his sights on Patrick Teixeira, super welterweight holder of the OMB.

The brawl was supposed to take place before mid-2020, but the covid-19 pandemic was present. The boxing business was put on hold, and little was informed Brown about your future.

In order to keep their hopes alive, it was key that The Boxi could enter the United States, in the midst of the flight restrictions that prevailed in Argentina.

Without help from the Argentine government secretariats, he managed to depart from the Ezeiza International Airport on September 19, 2020. He had some difficulties. His reservations for the flight to Miami expired. This is due to the rescheduling of the 85 monthly flights arranged by the national authorities abroad.

According to the information that LEFT PUNCH could corroborate with other sources close to the case, there was an attempt to rule out Brian Brown for the mandatory fight. In the absence of a company that stops him as a commercial figure, and with the delay of the Organization to announce clear measures, complications did not wait.

When a fighter has with what, he must also have how, where and against whom. That was missing Brian Carlos Castaño, and not only for this, your upcoming presentation.

Without being “sponsored” or promoted by a company, opportunities are cut short considerably, and that ultimately affects the results to be obtained, as well as those already obtained. More for those who are in visitor status.

Finally, the World Boxing Organization demanded of Golden Boy Promotions to set the day and place for the lawsuit between Brown Y Teixeira.

“It is an indisputable fact that Golden boy must ensure for the same a date, a place, and a channel for transmission “, he sentenced Luis Batista Salas, president of the WBO Championship Committee, resolution by. “As the manager of the champion of the OMB TeixeiraThey are solely responsible for organizing, coordinating, and producing everything in the United States, the jurisdiction where the combat will take place ”.

The promising news of Castaño

TO Brian Carlos Castaño He is seen in excellent physical shape, and solid from the technical point of view. His moment of final fulfillment may come if he reaches the monarchy for which he will duel with Patrick Teixeira.

But above all, it is the perfect opportunity for Brian Castaño to relaunch his career to the levels that he promised so much as the heir to Maidana, Maravilla, Matthysse and Narvaez.

The fighter who promised to be the link to give continuity to the last golden age of Argentine boxing, has before him the opportunity to redeem himself. A title would leave Brown in a favorable place to participate in the largest and most attractive evenings, and it would magnify your public image. It is the opportunity to Brian Castaño to take the next step.

Not only must you triumph in the ring. It is important to win in the media, at the box office, and in the hallways of each institution in charge of regulating the adorable art of fists.

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