From cars to being dismembered by a hit man: who was the driver Laurent Pasquali?

Laurent Pasquali

The motor world is full of incredible stories. One of them is that of the French pilot Laurent Pasquali. The athlete had been missing for two years and no one knew anything about his life. However, this week it became known that it was quartered by a hit man, belonging to a network of hired killers. His story moved the whole of France.

The pilot stood out in his sporting activity since he participated in historic races, such as the 24 hours from LeMans, with Porsche. However, a life linked to management and business that were not unclear, made murderers end their lives. The mystery began in late 2018 and was one of the great mysteries of French investigators, who were able to solve the case in recent days.

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The case

In 2018 Laurent Pasquali disappeared. The French had been swallowed up by the earth, and no one had any information on his whereabouts. Many pilots and friends knew that Pasquali was involved in unclear business, and suspected that he had escaped his debts. However, the details began to get very obscure over time.

The French newspaper ‘Le Parisien’ assures that the pilot was killed by freemasons and that he was shot to death before being buried in a forest. The murder was perpetrated at his home, more precisely in the garage. In 2019 a hiker came across human remains that were eventually revealed to be the passenger car pilot.

In recent days the French police dismantled a network of Masonic assassins and investigations began. One of the hitmen is a former member of the National Intelligence and confessed that he killed Pasquali, dismembered him and buried him. In addition, they assured that the motive for the murder was due to the constant debts contracted by the French.

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