Luis Suárez: “Despite being 34 years old, I still have the same ambition”

Luis Suárez: "Despite being 34 years old, I still have the same ambition"

Uruguayan Luis Suárez, Atlético de Madrid striker, highlighted on Friday his unalterable “ambition” beyond his age, 34 years, and that he has won practically everything in his career, and insisted that a player does not score or score. he performs “at his best” without the “work” of his peers.

“Cheerful” and “proud” for his choice by the fans as the best footballer of his team last January with the ‘Mahou’ ‘Five Star Player’ award, the ‘9’ rojiblanco spoke of his “effort and work “diary to” try to improve “and highlighted his highest aspirations this course.

“Despite being 34 years old, one continues with the same ambition and hoping that the team is up there to reach the end of the season with good feelings and with what we want”, He highlighted the top scorer of this LaLiga Santander campaign, in statements released this Friday by the Madrid club.

“The forward coexists and is always used to scoring many goals, but I think that, in this case, what he does is try to help the team. We are on a positive streak (11 goals in the last nine games) and the important thing is that the team add the maximum possible matches by three to reach the goal, “he continued.

“I think that the striker does not score goals and does not perform in the best way if he does not have all the teammates with the great work they do behind, starting from the goalkeeper to the last one who can collaborate by entering a minute that is up to a teammate who is in the bank waiting. This reflects that the team is very united and is a very competitive team that everyone wants to contribute something, “added Suárez, who is looking at the next challenges.

“La Liga shows that all games are important and difficult. No game has been easy for us. Both the one from Granada and the two from Levante that are coming are important to continue showing what we want and what we talk about with our teammates, that if we want to be up there and we think we can have chances, we have to continue with the same mentality and conviction of wanting to win to be up there “, stressed.

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