Martín Elías de Jaguares XV: “We always want to be protagonists”

Martín Elías de Jaguares XV: "We always want to be protagonists"

Jaguars XV closed his first week of preseason. This Friday, due to the heavy rains that fell in the town of Engineer Maschwitz Over the past few days, the team moved to French Sports on the synthetic grass court.



The back of Jaguares XV told about the illusions that the squad has and what stands out most in this first week of work.

Although the players had already begun to train in their respective academies, they did so for the first time all together led by the staff that make up Ignacio Fernández Lobbe, Julio García and Juan de la Cruz Fernández Miranda, while the staff of The Pumas he closely followed the movements throughout the week.

On Friday after training, the Rosario Martin Elijah, champion of South American with Argentina XV In 2020 he told his feelings at a press conference:

“The expectations are very good. We started with great enthusiasm, today was the last day of discharge training. We had a very busy week and we are really looking forward to continuing training and getting into the preseason hard. We focus on being training here, being a better team, aiming day after day and improving as a player. The important thing is to enjoy the present, then if there is something concrete in the future we will have to take advantage of the opportunity. We are privileged to be playing “, expressed the player of Jaguars XV.

What’s more, Elijah He added: “We will try to prepare ourselves in the best way to be solid in attack and defense. We were focused on the physical, on getting ready and now that we get together we will try to plan a game plan. It is not different from what we do year after year, so we have to prepare well physically for the game to reach its destination, that’s what the staff asks of us. The staff lowers the line of always being protagonists. There are several players who were in The PumasBut now we are all the same The competition is healthy and we have to keep working to improve. There are three weeks left to polish details and continue to strengthen ourselves ”.



The former Pumita analyzed the dispute with Tomás Albornoz, Teo Castiglioni and Gerónimo Prisciantelli for wearing the 10 Jaguares XV shirt.

“My natural position is 10, with Nacho I played a lot of 15 but as long as I was on the court I played both positions. Nacho is passionate about rugby and teaches you to be a better person day after day. He advises you well and is a great coach. I’ve been with him for quite some time, we know each other a lot and it’s a pleasure to have him. The main thing is that the bases are consolidated, we try to improve day by day. We are working the defense and also the attack. They are key factors. In Argentina the defense is a flag, we try to polish it well and make it improve day after day ”, said the back.

Finally, he referred to the visit of Mario Ledesma to training: “It is great that the staff of The Pumas to see us. They advise us, we listen to them and we focus on what we do on the court. They tell us to enjoy ourselves because we are in a delicate situation where many still cannot play ”.



The head coach of Los Pumas actively participated in the practice of the team that will play the American Super League.

Source: UAR

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