Pochettino: “They ask Di María if he would like to play with Messi … he doesn’t disrespect Barcelona”

Pochettino: "They ask Di María if he would like to play with Messi ... he doesn't disrespect Barcelona"

Madrid (EFE) – The coach of PSG, the Argentinian Mauricio Pochettino, assured that There has been no lack of respect for Barcelona when Di María is “asked” if he would like to play with Leo Messi and asked “not to get things crazy” on the eve of the clash between the two clubs in the Champions League.

“They ask Di María, would you like to play with Messi … Well, what do you want me to answer. Not for that reason you are disrespecting Barcelona, ​​let’s not take things out of context,” he said in an interview on the El Transistor program of Zero Wave.

Pochettino insisted that he must “have respect for all the clubs and players” and acknowledged that “all the clubs in the world, not just PSG, design strategies to improve their squads.”

“A difficult situation has been generated to understand, for a player to talk about a teammate and talk about how they would like to be together, I think it’s valid, “he said.

Regarding the next round of the Champions League against Barcelona, Pochettino admitted that for a year he has been preparing that confrontation because he has not stopped watching football at any time and considered Neymar’s withdrawal essential because of how it infects his teammates and how it conditions the rival.

“I was very excited to return to Barcelona to play. Also here there is an obsession with winning the Champions League. And falling injured as he has fallen is a sad situation because of how it is on the field and how it conditions the opposite. In the injury he was close to some 15 meters. Mbappé was warming up and had made the decision to replace Neymar because he noticed him irritating due to the fouls he was receiving, “he said.

On Mbappé and his future Pochettino affirmed that despite his youth “it is a reality and not a promise”, for whose charisma and game he imagines him in the “list of the best players in the world”.

“He knows how to speak French, English and Spanish,” he recalled before referring to Real Madrid, a club he was close to as a player, although he did not eventually join it. “Valdano and Camacho spoke to me a lot about Real Madrid. Camacho’s conversations kept sticking with me. And seeing what Real Madrid means at the world level is left to him. I have no clause in case Real Madrid comes. I trust I will be there for many years in PSG and meet the objectives, “he said.

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