The 10 biggest upsets in heavyweight boxing history

Las 10 sorpresas más grandes en la historia del boxeo en los pesados

Throughout the history of boxing, countless chapters have been written, where the least favorite or unknown fighters at that time have stormed with victories that have been the biggest surprises in heavyweights.

Here we recap to remember those battles that surprised locals and strangers, when they witnessed the fall of a super champion.

Max Baer loses to James J. Braddock (1935)

On June 13, 1935 in New York, James braddock, who had a losing record of 10-1, stepped into the ring to challenge Max baer, who was undefeated in his last fourteen fights, for the world heavyweight championship. JamesJust a year after coming out of retirement, he won a unanimous decision against the champion.

After beating Baer and because of this unlikely feat, the writer Damon Runyon gave him the nickname of “Cinderella man“. Years later, the director Ron Howard brought to the big screen “Cinderella Man”, where Russell crowe plays Braddock Y Paul giamatti to his coach Joe gould.

Sonny Liston loses to Cassius Clay (1964)

The appointment was in the Miami Beach Convention Center, on February 25, 1964, before almost nine thousand people. Cassius Clay, who had reached the beginning of the sixties to Miami, was trained by Angelo dundee and after being an underrated Olympic medalist, his brilliant career started here.

Clay, who was not given much hope, defeated in six rounds Sonny liston and achieved his first heavyweight boxing title. And a day later he announced that he was converting to Islam and that the name was changed to Muhammad Ali.

George Foreman falls to Muhammad Ali (1974)

The fight called ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ faced Muhammad Ali already George Foreman , who put at stake his titles of world heavyweight champion CMB Y AMB. The fight took place on October 30, 1974.

Foreman came undefeated after 40 consecutive victories (37 by KO) while Ali he had entered his career decline at the age of 32. But boy did the veteran boxer surprise friends and strangers in the eighth round, when he performed a forehand combination to send a very tired champion to the canvas, who could no longer get up after the referee’s 10 count.

With this, Ali regained the titles it had lost two and a half years earlier to Joe frazier.

Muhammad Ali loses to Leon Spinks (1978)

It was on February 15, 1978 when a complete stranger by name Leon spinks managed to defeat the monster called Muhammad Ali for the world heavyweight title of World Boxing Council. That time, Spinks he won on points, and up until that point he had only fought seven fights in his professional career.

Spinks, who had earned a gold medal at light heavyweight in the Montreal Olympics, gave the bell when nobody bet in favor of him when he was above the ring before Ali.

The biggest fell in what at that time was the number one among the surprises in the history of heavyweight boxing.

Mike Tyson is knocked out by Buster Douglas (1990)

The battle was on February 11, 1990, the Tokyo Dome. Mike tyson so far he had 37 fights won, 32 by knockout. His rival was unknown named Buster douglas he only had a few wins that put him in front of the champion, in what would be an easy win for Tyson.

But this was not so, Douglas He withstood the attacks well and despite the fact that in the eighth round they knocked him to the canvas, he managed to get up and return to the fight to surprise in the tenth round when he made a combination of blows that sent Tyson to the canvas, which could no longer get up after counting ten.

Most likely the biggest of all upsets in heavyweight boxing history.

Michael Moorer loses to George Foreman (1994)

The battle took place on November 5 in Nevada and the championships were in dispute AMB, FIB and the linear title. That day, George Foreman At the age of 45, he became the first man to regain a world boxing title twenty years after losing it, defeating an opponent 19 years his junior, Michael moorer.

After this victory, many people pointed out that Foreman I had finally exorcised that ghost called Muhammad Ali who had defeated him in Zaire to snatch the championship from him in 1974.

Mike Tyson is defeated by Evander Holyfield (1996)

On November 9, 1996 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Evander Holyfield beat up Mike tyson, which forced the referee to stop the fight in the eleventh round.

Holyfield, who was not the favorite, snatched the title of heavyweight champion of the AMB, to one of the most feared boxers in history. That occasion, Evander showed a lot of heart, since he could withstand the attacks of Tyson, and in the end win the victory.

Lennox Lewis loses to Hasim Rahman (2001)

On April 22, 2001, in Brakpan, South Africa, everything was ready for Lennox Lewis defend his title against an almost unknown rival by name Hasim Rahman. His only defeat up to that point was against Oliver McCall in 1994, so there was nothing to worry about.

Rahman He was short by heavyweight standards, but his withering punch, the one that had led to several knockout victories, was greatly tested against Lennox Lewis, who was knocked out in the fifth round, to the disbelief of the fans.

Wladimir Klitschko loses to Corrie Sanders (2003)

In March 2003, the Ukrainian Wladimir Klitschko, after spinning six victories, he lost the heavyweight crown of the OMB, before the South African Corrie sanders, in Hannover, Germany. The 37-year-old left-handed challenger had barely done three rounds in the past three years and still won by technical knockout in the second round at Klitschko.

Years later, in 2012, Sanders died at age 46 after gunmen stormed the place where he was in South Africa and they shot him twice.

Anthony Joshua loses to Andy Ruiz (2017)

One of the last surprises in the history of heavyweight boxing occurred in the Madison Square Garden of New York and it had as its protagonist a Mexican. This time, the British champion Anthony Joshua, who was preceded by 22 wins and 21 knockouts, lost his undefeated by knockout against the ‘gordito’ Andy Ruiz who took his three world heavyweight titles.

Even though the whole table was set for Joshua he showed off, after Andy He had fallen to the canvas in the third round, everything turned 180 degrees. The Mexican rowed against the current and began to beat the champion. Until he finally sent it to Anthony Joshua to the mat a couple of times in round 7 and the referee ended the battle.

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