Tyson Fury uploads video getting into the frozen sea; their physical condition causes concern

Tyson Fury

Tyson fury uploaded a video to his account Instagram throwing himself into the frozen sea in Morecambe, England, but beyond the feat, he was struck by how physically fit he looks while waiting for his fight to be announced against Anthony Joshua.

The video of Tyson Fury throwing himself into the sea caused concern about his physique and the diet he has sustained in recent months. It is not the first time that he has been seen neglecting his form after a major victory. He seems not 100 percent focused yet on what his match with Anthony Joshua which is expected to take place between June and July.

After his retirement from being a full division champion, Fury He was involved in some scandals and neglected his physical form until he returned to the ring in February 2020, when he defeated Deontay Wilder by knockout.

For its part, Joshua He has already shared some videos training and preparing for what could be the most important fight in the history of the entire division.

Bob Arum calls for calm to Hearn’s enthusiasm.

Eddie hearn, President of Matchroom, has revealed some details of the negotiations for the fight between Anthony Joshua Y Tyson fury, hence Bob arum, President of Top rankHe asked for restraint.

“I agree,” he commented. Bob arum to IFL TV when asked if he had spoken to Eddie Hearn to ask him to stop talking about Joshua-Fury to the media. “There is a clause in the agreement that the participants will not talk about it until the deal is closed and there is a joint announcement. We plan to adhere to that, and I know Eddie’s own people have already caught his eye for breaking it. “

“Eddie must keep quiet until the deal is finally closed,” added the legendary promoter. “There are great professionals on both corners. When there are differences between the promoters, a letter is sent and we reduce them until we finally close the deal ”.

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