A champion loose: the look of Valentina Shevchenko that exploded social networks

A champion loose: the look of Valentina Shevchenko that exploded social networks

The UFC champion, Valentina shevchenko, surprised all his fans in the social media. The Kyrgyz-born woman posed in a long red dress, thin heels and simulating a front kick. In this way, with a look very produced, the extraordinary fighter was filled with “likes” and comments from her followers. Of course, it did not go unnoticed at all.

Long time, Shevchenko he had mentioned, ‘I don’t choose my opponents. Whoever is in front of me is who I am going to face. For me, it makes no difference: Andrade or someone else, someone else or whoever. I think it would be fair to have Andrade against Lauren Murphy because Lauren Murphy showed her strengths and has a lot of wins, like back-to-back wins. “

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For her part, adding to her words at the press conference, the champion highlighted: “But the question is if I want to wait that long. I don’t want to wait that long because I was already waiting too long and I don’t agree to wait any longer for their fight to happen and (by when) they have to recover. It will be a few months from here. I’m ready to go back to the Octagon as soon as I feel good and feel good.

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«I think Andrade vs. Shevchenko It’s a really fun fight, and what I love about that fight is that Shevchenko is at a point in his career where he needs an opponent that people think has a chance to beat her, and I think everyone knows Andrade knows that. “Was what Dana White said about her. In turn, a journalist commented: “If you are going to go out and be safe against someone like Jennifer, what are you going to do against Andrade?”

In closing, the UFC President stated: “Andrade will bring you many things that you have never seen before, not to mention the power Andrade has. She just took down the world’s number 2 girl with a body shot. She is a real problem for Shevchenko, which he will have to solve, and if he does, I think the fight that makes the most sense is that Zhang will fight here soon, and after the fights with Weili, maybe you will do those two. “

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