Champion to the operating room: Tom Brady must undergo surgery for an injury

Champion to the operating room: Tom Brady must undergo surgery for an injury

Tampa Bay Buccaneers still celebrating the victory over the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl almost a week before the game, and it has been confirmed that the quarterback, Tom brady you must go under the knife. The legend of the NFL He has been dragging problems in his left knee, which will require surgery to get into the next season.

Knee surgery

As reported by NFL Network, Tom brady He has been dragging his left knee without discomfort for months. The quarterback would have played much of the 2020-2021 season with leg problems, and it is not until now that this is made known. The player will take advantage of the league’s off-season to repair his knee in the operating room.

He threw the trophy! Videos of Tom Brady and Tampa Bay Buccaneers rampant celebration

Sources indicate that it will be a minor surgery that will have ‘TB12’ in the coming days. The same coach of Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Bruce Arians would have described the marshal’s upcoming operation as a simple ‘clean-up’. Without further details by the NFL or from the champion franchise of the last Super Bowl, a routine surgery is expected.

Tom Brady still celebrates his record

With the 31-9 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, Tom brady extended his legacy to 10 participations in e ‘Big Game’, adding his seventh ring. The quarterback accomplished the unthinkable in his first season with the Buccaneers, and he hopes to repeat it next season with his knee in good condition. It should be remembered that the veteran has already ruled out his retirement at least for this year.

It was a few days ago that the ‘Bucs’ squad had their title celebration parade, which they did in boats in Tampa Bay. The center of attention was Tom brady, who had a drink and left some viral videos. The most champion quarterback in history tossed the Vince Lombardi trophy from one yacht to another, and stumbled off the scene.

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