Conor McGregor ate at the most famous chef’s restaurant and spent a fortune on an exotic dish

Conor McGregor ate at the most famous chef's restaurant and spent a fortune on an exotic dish

Conor McGregor enjoying his Middle East vacation after his loss to Dustin Poirier. During his stay in the United Arab Emirates, the Mixed Martial Arts fighter has gone through the iconic restaurant, Nusr-Et, of the famous Chef, Salt bae. The fighter of the UFC has left a fortune for exotic dish, a steak dipped in gold.

Conor McGregor’s Expensive Feast

The restaurant of Salt bae, located in the city of Dubai, seems to be an obligatory stop for the biggest celebrities worldwide. Athletes, actors and even politicians have published images of their time at the restaurant, and the personal show of the famous Turkish chef. This was the case with Conor McGregor hours ago.

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The multi-champion of the UFC ordered a Golden Tomahawk, which is basically a Wagyū cut (beef native to Japan), wrapped in edible 24 karat gold leaf. The dish at the local Salt bae It is priced at $ 1,000, something very few can afford to order. However, ‘The Notorious’ did not limit itself to the eccentric dish.

Mcgregor He shared his experience in Nusr-Et on his social networks. The MMA fighter posted the classic video of the show on a table Salt bae, this time with the extravagant $ 1,000 gold-plated steak. The famous chain of luxury meat cuts also immortalized the moment when the wrestler received his plate.

Big winnings after the Poirier fight

Many were struck by the high sum of money that could be left Conor McGregor on his way through the restaurant in Dubai. However, it is worth remembering that the Irishman comes from pocketing close to 5 million dollars for his fight against Dustin Poirier. To this must be added the money from television rights, which could increase to about 25 million for the fight.

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