Manchester City vs. Tottenham Hotspur – Match Report – February 13, 2021

Manchester City vs.  Tottenham Hotspur - Match Report - February 13, 2021

(EFE) – With the certainty that Liverpool was definitively withdrawing from the bid for the Premier League, Manchester City routinely made their victory against Tottenham Hotspur (3-0) to execute a league that is predestined for Pep Guardiola’s.

It was the most decaffeinated Mourinho against Guardiola of all, because rarely did City seem so doomed to pass over Spurs, physically and mentally exhausted after losing to Everton in extra time in the FA Cup.

The kind of duel that Mourinho would have criticized in the past, because of the calendar, because of the losses and in which he had repeated a hundred times that it was impossible to win. But this time he kept quiet, perhaps because he really knew that he was not going to have a chance against the best team so far this year, the one that has accumulated sixteen consecutive wins and the one with the Premier League a stone’s throw away.

It was a numbing domain that of City, hovering around Hugo Lloris’s goal and seeing how his back was threatened by the two arms that Tottenham has up and that form the best couple in the league. Son was out of tune, but Kane, without continuation in the plays, needed to send a foul to the post to exclaim that Tottenham were also in the game.

Unlike the times that City touches and touches without a clear way of hurting, Guardiola’s men seemed to know that the error and the gap would come and when Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, who has been in horrible matches, clumsily knocked down inside the area to Ilkay Gündogan didn’t take anyone by surprise.

Rodri, one of the many penalty shooters shown in the task until Kevin De Bruyne’s return, transformed it and gave City the prize that gave them free rein to play more relaxed and finish executing Tottenham from the calm.

The calm with which Raheem Sterling, Phil Foden and Ilkay Gündogan played inside the area against four Tottenham defenders reflected the little faith of the ‘Spurs’ to continue in the match.

The German, who has 11 Premier League goals this year, when in the four previous seasons he added 15 in total, blushed Lloris with a shot that could have stopped and sentenced the match.

There was nothing left for Mourinho but to go out to the technical area to show his face and let out a couple of shouts to his people, overwhelmed by a City that did not overwhelm, but did suffocate and that little by little with that suffocation he continued to reach the goal of You cry.

Even with a direct game that took the shame out of Tottenham’s defense. The third for City was born from a ball by Ederson that Gündogan caught in front of Davinson, threw it with a feint and defined in front of the French goalkeeper.

He made a 3-0 lead that puts City seven points ahead of Leicester City, eight over Manchester United and thirteen over Liverpool, who also have one more game.

Mourinho returns to eighth position, three points from Europe and four from the Champions League.

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