Marc Márquez’s confession upon entering MotoGP: “I can’t ride like this”

Marc Márquez

The arrival of Marc Márquez to MotoGP marked a before and after in history. The category came from an absolute dominance of Valentino rossi, what in Sling and in Yamaha He had won several titles, five in a row from 2001 to 2005 and two in 2008 and 2009. However, when Márquez appeared on the scene, there would be one of the strongest rivalries in the history of motorcycling. In the last hours, many recalled that Márquez gave an interview in which he details his arrival in MotoGP, “I can’t drive like this”he confessed.

The young Catalan who had shone in Moto2 Y Moto3 promoted to MotoGP with the most competitive bike on the grid. While the 2012 champion was Jorge Lorenzo, the runner-up was Dani Pedrosa and the third driver of the classifier was Casey stoner, who had already been champion with the Japanese. The arrival of Márquez promised a lot, but nobody thought he could be champion in his first season in the top division.

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The year 2013 was one of the tightest in the category classifier. Márquez took his inaugural title by just four points over Jorge Lorenzo and began his triumphant adventure. However, the Spanish did not have a good time at first. Upon arriving at Honda, Márquez assured that he compared the telemetries of Pedrosa and Stoner, in order to learn how to handle the RC213V.


Márquez confessed that he was impressed with the data obtained in the laps that Casey Stoner took in 2012, with the same motorcycle that he was going to ride. “When I came to Honda in 2013 I looked at Casey’s data and said, ‘I can’t drive like this,'” he said in an interview a few years after debuting. “When I accelerated it seemed that I was driving a 125cc motorcycle (MotoGP’s are 1000cc)”


His partner in 2013 was Dani Pedrosa. The Spaniard is one of the best motorcycling riders in recent years and according to several experts is the ‘uncrowned champion’ of MotoGP. However, Márquez assures that Pedrosa’s telemetries were somewhat more ‘accessible’ with respect to Stoner. Currently, Pedrosa continues to pilot, although as a KTM.

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