Mauricio Lara gave the big surprise and knocked out Josh Warrington in England

Mauricio Lara dio la gran sorpresa y noqueó a Josh Warrington en Inglaterra

The Mexican Mauricio “Bronco” Lara He gave the big surprise by traveling to England, entering the Wembley arena, and knocking out the local Josh warrington, weighted as the best pen in the world.

The same English narrators of the fight, which was broadcast exclusively by DAZN They said it was one of the biggest surprises in history about an English ring. And it was just the second time Mauricio Lara, just 22 years old and with a record of 22 wins, 2 losses and 15 knockouts, he was fighting outside of Mexico. The first time was in 2019 when he traveled to Argentina to knock out Eduardo Estela.

It was a real war where Mauricio Lara was able to take down twice Warrington, and the second them, final in the ninth round.

The fight was intense from the beginning, with the Mexican coming out to present war and managing to connect hands of power, mainly from the left. From the beginning, Warrington he seemed to feel the Mexican’s hands. And surprise, that feeling of the unexpected, began to haunt the English ring.

It was in the fourth round Warrington was shot down for the first time. A powerful left hand of the Mexican hit him in the head and he was immediately hurt Warrington. Staggering, he was able to stay upright exchanging on short ground. But at a crossroads, another of Lara’s left hand hit him on the chin and the Englishman went to the canvas for the first time in the fight.

Josh warrington got up, and Mauricio Lara it was for him. The English was bad, the lost look, the hesitant step. It seemed a matter of minutes, but Lara ran out of gas and couldn’t finish it.

Warrington survived the round in very poor condition. He got to his corner as best he could. And he came out to the fifth round in the same conditions. Losing balance walking the ring, stumbling, and Lara trying to finish it. But again, the Mexican couldn’t do it and Warrington was recovering. At the end of that fifth round, Warrington It was noticeable again, in good condition.

The English grew in the following rounds, and Lara it seemed to start to wear out. The right eye had a cut and some inflammation that was increasing. And the Englishman was growing and regaining confidence in the intermediate rounds of the fight.

But Lara found precision again, and connected solidly over Warrington. The Englishman ate all his left hands at the crossroads, and the Mexican quickly read it and began to exploit this resource more.

Again, Lara hurt again Warrington. He opened with a left straight, and followed with a right cross that hit the Englishman’s chin dry. The combination shot was brutal, with a left hook that violently shook the head of Warrington. The Englishman was badly injured, knocked out on his feet. Lara began to throw the left in repeat, which entered six times in a row on the face of Warrington that offered no resistance. With the sixth left hand, Josh warrington went to the canvas. And there was not even a count, the referral immediately stopped the fight.

With that the tremendous surprise took shape. Mauricio Lara he went to England to knock out the best feather in the world.

Champion without crown

Chance wanted Mauricio Lara did not return to Mexico with a world title belt. At the end of January, Josh warrington had vacated the featherweight world championship of the FIB by refusing to fight the mandatory rival Kid galahad. Therefore, it was a fight without a world title in between.

Mauricio Lara He will return to Mexico, then, as a champion without a crown.

“It’s a sadness because we wanted the belt,” he said. Lara in the interview at the end of the fight. “No problem. This did something very nice for Mexico. And I have a great taste in my mouth ”.

“It’s cool,” he added. Lara. “Simply happy for all my family and all of Mexico. We know what we came to do here to be lands. Thanks to the United Kingdom, this is what we come to, we brought a lot of confidence because we worked great. And it came out ”.

Lara He talked about that fourth round when he had on the verge of knockout Warrington.

“The fight was going to work as if it were being resolved,” he said. Lara. “Warrington for something is the number one in the world. He endured hard, strong blows. We did not want to wear out, because we knew of its quality. We were looking for him round by round, until the fight took place ”.

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