Will it succeed? Polyana Viana predicted she will knock out Mallory Martin at UFC 258

Will it succeed?  Polyana Viana predicted she will knock out Mallory Martin at UFC 258

The Brazilian fighter, Polyana viana, left a strong message of what could happen this Saturday in the UFC 258. The martial artist has not yet entered the top 15, but the capabilities she has to achieve it are truly gigantic. Being this way, the South American is not afraid of what may happen and predicted the end of Mallory martin, which will end up knocked out, according to his words.

Starting with his sayings, Viana He acknowledged: «It was a great camp but, personally, I liked the other one more, with the gyms closed because that way I had the gym for myself just to train, the attention was focused on me. But it was a great camp. We focus on what she does best and add a lot of new things to my game. We are very calm and we know that we can win.

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“Our styles are similar, we both fight, but I think she will shoot to take down first. Everyone knows that my game is from below, I feel very comfortable doing watch, that’s what I love to do, so if she comes into my watch, that’s exactly what I want. She will choose to take me down because her standup isn’t great so she will shoot for a takedown to avoid standing up, ”he noted.

To close, Polyana viana He exclaimed, “I imagined myself winning in many different ways. I always try to mentalize the fight and imagine different things, putting myself in easy and difficult situations, and I think I will win by knockout. Everyone expects a submission. I haven’t stopped working on my clay game, but I’ve been fine-tuning my stand-up since my previous camp.

Mallory Martin’s bad past

«My father passed away when I was 17 years old. He was my only dad and I was dealing with depression back then, but I never dealt with this kind of anxiety where, like, I couldn’t eat this camp. I didn’t have to lose weight because my weight was already so low starting camp that it was basically about keeping the weight on and being big enough and strong enough to fight, “said the fighter from UFC.

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