World Radio Day: fights, celebrations and screams that made history in Formula 1

Fórmula 1

This Friday, February 13, the World Radio Day. This beautiful medium is very important for the massiveness of different sports such as soccer. However, motorsport has a large part of its fans thanks to this medium. The Formula 1 it is closely linked to the radio. All drivers have one in their car to communicate with their engineers. That is why on a day like today, the best moments of recent years must be remembered.

The first is from Fernando Alonso. Spanish is usually very effusive on ‘Team Radio’. This case occurred at the Bahrain Grand Prix, while he was fighting for the position with Nico Rosberg. However, he did not let him pass and pushed him to the outside of the track. This caused Alonso to explode. Okay, he’s pushing me outside. I think you have to make room for me. You have to leave me space all the time, ”he shouted.

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Kimi raikkonen

One of the most charismatic and beloved characters on the Formula 1 grid is Kimi raikkonen. The Finn is one of the best radios that starred in recent years. At the 2012 Belgian Grand Prix, while he was at Lotus, the team gave him indications about the drivers who were fighting for his position. However, Kimi was true to his style: “I know what I’m doing. So stay calm.

Sebastian Vettel

The German, four-time Formula 1 World Champion, usually has several starts on the radio with his team. At the 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix he had a strong run-in with his then-teammate Kimi Raikkonen and even insulted him in German on the radio. I have a puncture. What the hell is he doing? ” Sebastian Vettel.

Pierre Gasly

In 2020 Pierre Gasly had his first victory in Formula 1. However, in the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix he obtained his first podium in the category, finishing in second position and battling Lewis Hamilton. His celebration through the radio will be saved in Gasly’s memory. It’s the best day of my life. Amazing. You are incredible”.

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