Brian Castaño swept Patrick Teixeira by unanimous decision and is the new WBO super welterweight world champion

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Brian Castaño arrasó a Patrick Teixeira por decisión unánime y es nuevo campeón mundial súper welter OMB

With an incessant fighting rhythm, Brian Castaño dethroned Patrick Teixeira and became the new super welterweight world champion OMB, earning him a loose unanimous decision Saturday night in Indio, California.

Dominant from start to finish, the Argentine based his dominance on an overwhelming hitting rhythm. Brian Castaño pressed the Brazilian monarch from the first to the twelfth rounds, and if Teixeira He did not end up knocked out, it is because he managed to resist the best blows of the Argentine.

Patrick Teixeira He walked the ring, based on work on the jab and distance. Constantly shifting, the Brazilian sought to dominate the ring. But Brian Castaño was a bulldog, and followed Teixeira for every corner. He cut the ring, closed the exits, and was always on the Brazilian hitting all the time.

If something sinned Brian Castaño is that he did not give variety to his incessant attacks. Hooks and straight with both hands and little else. Even though they constantly plunged into short ground, Brown he did not use the upper. And despite the fact that the Brazilian was betting on moving around the ring, the Argentine was not systematic in his attack on the body.

Despite the intensity of Brown in his striking, the fight looked monotonous, in the sense that it was all fought at the same rate. Brown chasing, tug and tug, and Teixeira trying to move on the ring.

But in that monotony were hidden commendable virtues of Brian Castaño. And perhaps the best was the supreme physical condition of the Argentine. It ended as it began, with the same intensity, at the same incessant beat and chase rhythm. Over 11 rounds, Brown he had thrown 815. hits, that is, more than 70 per episode.

It was that pace of work that made him overwhelmingly win the fight. Although Teixeira He only looked hurt in the last round Brown he swept the cards, because in each of the rounds, he worked more than the rival.

Patrick Teixeira he ended up blown and it almost cost him a knockout in the final round. Brian Castaño chased him like the whole fight, and caught up with him, punishing him with two hands, and making Teixeira turned his back as if giving up combat. Like fainting from the effort.

However, the final bell came. And the cards seemed like a mere paperwork. On the official card of LEFT PUNCH, Patrick Teixeira he only won the seventh round, and Brian Castaño won 119-109. The judges’ scorecards validated that loose victory with scores of 120-108, 119-109 and 117-111.

Brian CastañoWith a forceful and memorable performance, he was once again crowned super welterweight world champion. This time, reign in the World Boxing Organization.

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