Dishonor! They demand that Tom Brady apologize for launching Vince Lombardi

Dishonor!  They demand that Tom Brady apologize for launching Vince Lombardi

The unbridled celebration of Tampa buccaneers after the triumph in the Super bowl continues giving something to talk about in the environment of the NFL. The center of attention was, of course, Tom brady. The top winner in history unleashed a stir by throwing the trophy Vince lombardi from yacht to yacht in the team’s water parade, and now they’ve asked for a public apology.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers won a great victory last Sunday, February 7 at the Super bowl against Kansas City Chiefs. The home team managed to prevail with a score of 31-9, so that Tom brady expand his legacy with 10 finals played and 7 championship titles. The quarterback is by far the most successful player in league history.

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Controversy with Vince Lombardi

Given the health situation in the United States, Buccaneers They couldn’t do the classic parade through a crowd of fans through the streets of Tampa. However, they held the water parade in boats in the bay of the city. It was on luxury yachts that the players celebrated the second title in franchise history.

Tom brady celebrated his absolute record of 7 Super Bowls won. The legendary marshal was somewhat past drinking, and starred in the great controversy of the celebration. ‘TB12’ released the trophy Vince lombardi from one yacht to another in the middle of the parade. It is worth noting that the piece of silver made by Tiffany jewelry is valued at about $ 50,000. However, this mattered little to the QB of the Buccaneers.

They request an apology from Tom Brady

The Vince lombardi It was designed by the goldsmith, Greg Grohs. Now his daughter, Lorraine has considered that the action was a lack of respect to his family, and publicly requested the apologies of Brady. “My father had to chisel the seams by hand. There is a newspaper article that shows him working on that trophy. The ball is formed by hand and the base too. Personally, I would like an apology, not only to myself, my family and the other silversmiths, but to the fans, all the football fans and the other players on the team. “

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