Hearn isn’t rushing with Lara vs. Warrington rematch

Josh Warrington

Eddie hearn, promoter of Josh warrington, did not rush to secure the rematch against Mauricio Lara, who knocked out in the eighth round Josh in one of the biggest surprises in English boxing.

“You can tell he was shocked,” he confessed Hearn in interview with iFL TV. “I am sure that Warrington) wants a rematch now … But it’s a fight that will happen only if Josh he is healthy, physically well, safe. We have an option (of revenge) with Lara and his team, and that option is in Josh. If he wants a rematch, he will make it happen. “

Nevertheless, Hearn he was cautious in talking about a possible second fight.

“It’s a great fight, but I don’t think this is the time to talk about it,” said the promoter. “Mauricio Lara he was not a world-class featherweight. It was someone who suddenly appeared a little bit, a little boy. It changed his life, but I would have preferred the other story and maybe we’ll get to that by the end of the year. “

“(Lara) was very slow and Josh he was fast and very smart, but he didn’t use those skills, “he considered Hearn. “If I had used them, I would have won the fight. The promoter in me believes that the rematch is great, but reason tells me, ‘make sure it’s okay.’

In the fourth round, Lara connected to Warrington and although he went to the canvas and looked touched, he managed to finish the assault and tried to return in combat.

“This kid is not even in his league,” he stated. Hearn, “But if you are careless and open the window for opportunity, anything can happen. He never recovered from the fourth round, he was very brave. If there is a rematch, it will be epic. “

Warrington’s Broken Jaw

Almost a month ago, Josh warrington He warned of the power in the punch he has Mauricio Lara and that takes him to the canvas twice in the fight.

The English boxer felt dizzy after his defeat against the Mexican, so he was taken to the hospital as a precaution and, although the tests on his head came out clean, it was discovered that his jaw ended up broken, according to a report by the Independent.

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