Marc Márquez received a harsh criticism and the controversy arose: was he to blame?

Marc Márquez

Marc Márquez keep working to be back in the paddock of MotoGP in the next few months. The Spaniard underwent a new revision, after ten weeks after his last operation on his shoulder. After a strict work with his physiotherapist, Carlos Garcia, and a strong treatment of antibiotics, to lower the infection in the affected area. Everything seems to indicate that Márquez will return in the first races, after a year out of them. Many targeted the doctors who enabled him to run, but others criticize the pilot.

After the accident that occurred at the Spanish Grand Prix, Márquez worked to be in the classification of the Andalusian Grand Prix. So much so, that a video was leaked in which he can be seen doing push-ups, hours after being operated on for a shoulder fracture. The Spanish returned to the motorcycle, but could not bear the pain and withdrew from the Grand Prix. According to some experts, this was why Márquez missed the entire 2020 season.

Marc Márquez’s confession upon entering MotoGP: “I can’t ride like this”

The team leader KTM, Hervé Poncharal, pointed directly against Márquez’s decision to go back to racing despite not being able to run with his injury. “When you’ve seen Marc doing push-ups after the operation, you don’t know what to think. Of course we can now say that it was a mistake because we saw what happened. Every injury is different. I don’t want to say much about that, ”he stressed.

On the other hand, Poncharal stressed that it is difficult to speak with the “Monday newspaper” since that facilitates the work of the critics. “It could have been a total success and then he would have been the greatest hero, so it was probably the biggest mistake of his career. I just hope he gets back in full shape as soon as possible ”, asked the Austrian team boss.

Marquez went through the 10 week review and the team Sling confirmed that the return of the Spanish is closer than ever, since the evolution continues at a steady pace. “Radiographic signs of bone consolidation are evolving. From now on, the patient will be able to progress progressively in the process of functional recovery of the operated arm ”, they highlighted.

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