“Mauricio Lara has a strange punching power,” Warrington warned weeks before the surprise

Mauricio Lara tiene un extraño poder de pegada, advertía Warrington semanas antes de la sorpresa

Josh warrington He warned almost a month ago about the power in the punch he has Mauricio Lara, who this Saturday knocked out the Englishman in the eighth round in a huge upset at Wembley Arena in England.

“The videos I’ve seen of him have a strange punching power”, confessed the English in an interview for Sky Sports which was published on January 19. “I’ve seen him hit other fighters and it seems like there isn’t much to his punches, but they end up doing funny dances and the fight stops.”

“His fists have good timing, he is accurate and has power,” he considered Warrington. “But listen, I have a lot to leave. In my last fight, 500 years ago, it only lasted a round and a half. I don’t mind finishing fast, but I wouldn’t mind a few busy rounds, feeling the blows and seeing if I still have a jaw and then I wouldn’t mind ending the show fast and making those big fights happen. “

The same English narrators of the fight, broadcast exclusively by DAZNThey said it was one of the biggest upsets in English boxing history. Warrington he was considered the best featherweight in the world.

Mauricio Lara twice knocked down Warrington. In the fourth round it was the first time, when a left of the Mexican opened the way that seconds later ended with Josh on the mat after another left that connected the chin.

Then in the ninth round, a combination of a right cross and a left hook put the Englishman in bad shape. After receiving six hits, he returned to the canvas with a left hook and the referee arrived to stop the contest immediately.

Josh warrington was world featherweight champion of the FIB, but at the end of January he vacated the scepter. His last fight was on October 12, 2019 when he knocked out Sofiane Takoucht.

Mauricio Lara, meanwhile, defeated in his last appearance in the ring to Sergio Puente on December 4, 2020.

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